For some, the gym serves as a wonderful, peaceful place, where one's thoughts are lost amongst the noise of weights being dropped, treadmills humming, and endless heavy breathing. For me, the gym is met with a disgruntled, "Eh, if I'm being honest I don't want to be here," followed by a workout that has me searching for a distraction to pass the time. Through all the years of trying to enjoy the gym, I've found one solution that always proves distracting enough to help me through a workout: people watching. Comprised below are the 10 people you will see at most any gym.

1. Mr. Tough Guy

He sometimes wears a tank top, or he sometimes wears a sweatshirt, but he's always strutting around flexing and grunting loudly when he lifts.

2. The Competitor

The person next to you who keeps looking over at your machine to make sure they're doing better than you are, and you're all:

3. The Showboat

It's the person you love to hate: the hot girl at the gym. We all know one, and can't help but envy her confidence to shed some layers and strut her very fine-tuned body around the gym.

4. The "I hate it here"

While there are indeed those who love the gym, there are some of us who really, really don't. These people are always easy to spot.

5. The Track Star

This is the person who started their run before you even got to the gym, and remains running far after you call it quits. The worst part? They love it.

6. The Exercise Class

Let's be real: it's always fun to check out their moves.

7. The Multi-tasker

This is the person who's reading their kindle on the elliptical while answering phone calls. (aka impressive.) So you're just all:

8. The Half-Asser

This is the person who tends to bounce from machine to machine, throwing in five minutes on each and calls it a day after 20 minutes. But hell, at least they tried.

9. The Sanitation Master

This is the person who is sure to wipe down the machine thoroughly before use, seemingly scraping off every germ known to mankind.

And finally, quite the opposite of the Sanitation Master is:

10. The Smelly One

We all have been next to that person who clearly forgot to apply deodorant. Heaven help us.

Happy exercising!