The 10 best movies for students of Political Science

The 10 best movies for students of Political Science

Best movies for political science students


The characters, conflicts, polemics and most significant moments of politics have been portrayed by the seventh art. Discover the 10 best movies for students of Political Science

Although it may not seem like it, watching good movies on 123movies4u can also be a great way to learn more about your career. The characters, conflicts, polemics and most significant moments of politics have been portrayed again and again by the seventh art. Do you need proof of that? Next, we leave you the 10 best movies for political science students that you can not miss. Watch the latest political science Movies online now and learn more about the Tapscape Movie Club.

The great dictator (1940)

We started the list with a classic by the great Charles Chaplin. In this 1940 film, the comedian achieves the impossible: to make a comic satire of the character of Hitler, and at the same time publicly denounce the human rights abuses of the Nazi regime.

All the men of the president (1976)

Winner of 4 Academy Awards and starring Robert Redford, the film tells the story of the Watergate case a scandalous investigation that forced Richard Nixon to resign to the presidency of the United States.

The woman of iron

The unrivaled Meryl Streep puts on the skin, nothing more and nothing less, that of Margaret Thatcher, one of the most controversial political women in history, also known as the "Iron Lady".

The faithful gardener (2005)

Based on a novel by John Le Carré, the film tells the story of a British diplomat who, when moved to Kenya, suffers the brutal and unexpected death of his wife at the hands of a human rights activist. What political motives are behind the murder?

The wave (2008)

Inspired by real events, the film tells the story of a teacher who must demonstrate the benefits of democracy to his students. For this, he decides to perform an experiment known as the "Third Wave".

Bobby (2006)

The film takes place on the day of the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, another of the tragedies surrounding the controversial family. Through interwoven stories reveals connections between hippies, Vietnam and the death of Martin Luther King, among other prominent political events.

Invictus (2009)

One of the most influential political figures in history was, without a doubt, Nelson Mandela. Discover the history of the former president of South Africa through the events of the Rugby World Cup held in 1995.

Good Bye, Lenin! (2004)

The film takes us to the 1989 Germany, reunified, still chaotic and capitalist. There awakens from a prolonged coma a communist woman, who together with her family must readjust to the new political circumstances.

Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004)

September 11, 2001, New York City. The worst attack in the history of the United States has just occurred and an Islamic terrorist group takes attribution for the facts. What is hidden behind? The look of the sharp and controversial documentary maker Michael Moore in his most celebrated film.

The Edukadores (2004)

The film of German origin tells the story of a group of young revolutionaries. Through them, a look is presented before the failure of the most radical left movements in the West.

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Exclusive Interview with Electro-Pop Singer Jade Alice

Electro-pop singer-songwriter and producer Jade Alice epitomizes today's pop music, as demonstrated by her latest single, "In Too Deep"; the song effortlessly transforms from a languid track with full, angelic-sounding vocals to a roof-raising dance track.


Who are some of your musical influences?

At the moment it's Lennon Stella, Billie Eilish, Joni Mitchell, ABBA and Daniel Caesar!

If you could collaborate with any artist who would you choose?

I would love to work with Billie Eilish, she creates the most beautiful vocal arrangements around her voice, and that's something I really try to focus on in my songs too. She is just so cool. She's completely her own person, and she has this maturity in the way she commands the words of a song. I think we grew up in similar ways, having our families involved in music and I feel very connected to her in a weird personal way haha but that just goes to show how personal her songs are!

"In The Deep" what's the song really mean to you?

It's the feeling of when you see someone for the first time, and your attraction to them is so obvious,but you don't feel self conscious about it. Everything just becomes exciting and you're like a kid with no inhibitions. I get a similar feeling with dance music, so I wanted to have a dance element in the song to enhance this feeling of euphoria and love.

What do you hope people take from your music when listening?

The main thing I hope for is that they see themselves in the songs, and not me. That they take something from the song, realize things about themselves and how they're feeling. I hope I can empower people to feel good about themselves!

Any new music updates you like to share?

Yes! I have another single coming out on December 4th called 'Work This Out'. It's in collaboration with another Melbourne producer called Motaki!

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