I think we can all agree that there are good days and there are definitely bad days. And after one terrible event in your life, you find yourself waiting around for the next good day. But I was thinking the other day how I spend a whole lot of precious time waiting for life to get easier. No mistakes. Less risk. More reward. But then I was thinking, maybe it doesn't. Maybe all these horrible things that happen to genuinely good people is just how it's supposed to be.

Maybe the struggle, the climb, the one obstacle after another slog, maybe that's just life. And the sooner you come to terms with the fact that you you are not special in this big world, the happier you can be. Because no matter how hard you work, how beautiful you are, or how truly happy you feel, not everyone is going to like you and someone is going to think you're ugly. No matter the circumstances. The sooner you come to terms with the fact that you're just an average Joe in society, the sooner you can start living the life you were intended to.

Yes, I realize I'll never be famous or invent a life-changing machine. I am never going to be able to sing like Beyonce or be in movies like Rachel McAdams. I'm never going to be Instagram famous, or be a CEO of a major company. But I do have a purpose, and even though when I die, one day, schools won't be teaching my legacy to the younger generations, I am content with living the life I was given.

Life. It doesn't get easier. The easiest times in our life were when we were children and didn't understand the world at all. All that innocence and not knowing. A lot of people live their lives hoping and wondering about what life could have been and what it might be. You are who you are, and yes, hard work does change things, but you're going to live the life you were intended to live.

So, the question is? Life. All these struggles, the climbs, what seems like endless obstacles, maybe that is just life. But is it worth it? That's for you to figure out. Find who you are and live every day living true to yourself, because life is way too short to do otherwise.

And if you're blessed enough to have a very long life, you should definitely try to take full advantage of how short life really feels. You could wake up tomorrow and everything could be different, and sometimes, it's hard to not wish to get one more minute of a memory you hold so dear.

That's just life, I guess.