With Father's Day right around the corner, I thought an ode to my dad must be in order, especially since he's that dad.

1. He rocks the "jorts" anytime your family goes out or a Hawaiian shirt every time you have a summer barbecue.

2. He tells you that you have something on your shirt and then proceeds to flick your nose when you look down.

3. He rocked the Croc trend even when they weren't in style.

4. Me: "I'm Hungry"...My Dad: "I'm Dad nice to meet you"

5. He appears like a ninja when you left a door open or the lights on or forgot to shut the refrigerator door.

6. Every time your family goes to a restaurant he jokingly tells the server he didn't like his meal, after he ate it all.

7. He waits to fart until everyone is in the car and releases an explosion "just so can everyone can smell it."

8. He takes putt-putt golfing way too seriously.

9. He tells his kids he had to walk to school up hill both ways even in a snowstorm.

10. He then proceeds to tell his kids that he lived back in the "olden days."

11. He knows anyone and everyone and tells them he's running for mayor--or wait, that may just be my dad.

12. He does donuts in the driveway any chance he can get.

13. He aggravates his children any chance he gets and then says "it's because I love you".

14. He falls asleep anytime you try to watch a movie.

15. He is the absolute best dad in the world, despite his goofiness.