14 Thanksgiving Puns & Quotes For Your Instagram Captions

Deviled eggs. Chicken and dumplings. Ham. Turkey. The DRESSING with giblet gravy on it *insert heart eyes*. Time with my family. I really like Thanksgiving, and I also like puns. So, I thought I'd combine both of these cool things to make a super awesome video. Lo and behold, FEAST your eyes on these 14 Thanksgiving puns and quotes that would make egg-celent Instagram captions.

1. "Don't like Thanksgiving? You better gobble wobble outta my life."

2. "Gobble till you wobble."

3. "I hope your turkey is moist and your stuffing is fluffy, and when you're done eating you'll be nice and stuffy."

4. "I think my favorite Thanksgiving food is pie, but some people say that's irrational."

5. "Smir-key, Per-ky, Quir-ky Turkey." ~ Alani Vargas

6. "This stuffing is the tur-KEY to my heart."

7. "What bird is bad at bowling? A gutter-ball turkey?"

8. "What do you call a haunted turkey? A poultry-geist."

9. "What do you call a rude turkey? A jerkey."

10. "What's the best thing to do with cold turkey? Make turkey chilly."

11. "What should you wear to Thanksgiving dinner? A har-VEST."

12. "Who are you most likely to get compliments from on Thanksgiving? The sweet potatoes." ~ Alani Vargas

13. "Why did the turkey cross the road? To prove he wasn't chicken."

14. "You are the apple pie of my eye."

I really hope you enjoyed some of these puns, because I sure did. I didn't come up with these, so credits to the rightful owners. Whoever wrote these deserves some kind of award, because these are creative. Some of cringe worthy, but a good pun is. ;) Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with time well spent with family and even better food. (Did I already mention deviled eggs? Or the STUFFING?)

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