8 Moments That Happen At Pretty Much Every Thanksgiving Ever

8 Moments That Happen At Pretty Much Every Thanksgiving Ever

If at least one of these didn't happen, then you weren't at Thanksgiving.

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Thanksgiving brings happiness, cheer, family gatherings, and certain situations that are inevitable in every family. While Thanksgiving dinner can be dysfunctional and stressful as time, it certainly wouldn't be fun without a little ~drama~.

1. The dog (or child) licks the turkey.

The table is set and packed with beets, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, green beans, and the turkey. The tasty appearance is no match for Ralph, the beloved family pug, who takes a lick, or the littlest cousin from picking every sprinkle off of the cookies. Somehow, they always find the treats.

2. One relative makes "the comment," and silence ensues.

Everyone was getting along until that one relative makes "the comment": the political statement literally no one agrees with but doesn't want to ruin the holiday by arguing it; therefore, everyone says nothing and becomes deeply interested in their pile of mashed potatoes.

3. You have to explain your life choices to people who haven't seen you since you were 6.

"How's college?" Fine. "What's your major?" Journalism. "Don't you want to make money?" Well, yeah. "You should've been a doctor." Oh. "So, do you have a boyfriend?" Um. You know how this ends.

4. The annual awkward family photo.

Every year, Grandpa gets up in the middle of the meal and catches everyone in the middle of chewing. Every year, he refuses to retake it even though your mouth was full of pie. It's fine.

5. Someone absolutely has to have a certain dish cooked their way.

No one can touch the mushrooms because Grandma will have a cow and they won't be just right. Do not even speak the idea of taking over the mushrooms because you will be chastised. Grandma will be deeply offended.

6. At least one person is drunk by the end of the night.

When the punch and wine are flowing, the family is glowing. It may not be you, and it may not be your parents, but someone is teetering while trying to eat dessert.

7. There is always yelling.

Whether it's from the kitchen or the couch, someone is yelling at someone or about something. The Browns deserved to be yelled at, but Grandma doesn't because she dropped a spoon.

8. You still love them because they're your family.

At the end of the day, when the hectic cooking and eating is over, you can still reflect on a wonderful day with your family.

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