Thanksgiving is usually a time where most of us look back over the past year or even our whole lives and think about what they are thankful for. This year is a little different for me. I will not be at any of my family's Thanksgiving celebration. I will not be seeing my aunts, uncles, cousins or grandparents. And seeing it written down makes it even weirder. But in a way, it almost makes me more thankful.

My whole life I have had this strong support system, otherwise known as my family. I have the type of family who doesn’t want to see you fail and even if they do not quite agree with what you are doing, they are still going to support you all the way. Not many times in my life has my family not agreed with what I have done, which is kind of nice. So, any given year I am thankful for having just about the best family in the world.

But this year I am thankful for not only that but for my family still being the best as I am 800 miles away from home. Every year I see people that go very far away for college or are in one of the branches of the military and they cannot make it home for Thanksgiving. I always felt bad for them, especially since they are missing time with their families. This year, I cannot go home because of the military. But I also have friends that go to school out of state that won’t make it home this year.

This year I am also more thankful for the time I have got to spend with my family. It has been 5 or more months since I have seen my family. Which for me, is completely out of the ordinary. But I am thankful that from January to June I got to spend the time that I did with them. I know that when I see them next I will be extremely thankful for that time as well.

This year I am more thankful than I ever have been for technology. While this time last year I was so happy for Skype so I could talk to my now husband, I am thankful that almost everyone in my family has some sort of Apple Product. This means I can ‘see’ just about everyone with one annoying dinging dialing noise away. Facetime means that my parents and brother cannot lose me that easy. But it also allows having ‘family time’ even if I am forever and a half away.

This year I am thankful for my husband who is here with me. I know some of my college friends that are out of state are not lucky enough to have their significant other, but having a friend there makes it better. While I am going to miss my family a lot on Thanksgiving Day, I know that I will get to cook a meal for us two, to my best ability. Also, I know that we can do traditions that I grew up with. Like we are going to watch the parade and put up the tree either that night or first thing the next morning. Once again, I will be thankful for that technology to be able to Facetime home and ‘see’ everyone.

This year I am also thankful for my friends. When you move this far away from home you find out who your friends are really quickly. Most drop you, but the good ones check in and make a point to remember you. I am also thankful for my new friends, while most of them have been through my online schooling, and my fellow Odyssey community writers, I am still beyond grateful.

I think that not being able to go home this year gives me some perspective on how lucky I really am. Some people are not fortunate enough to have a supportive and just all-around kind family like I do, same with my friends, and same with my amazing husband.

Not being able to go home for Thanksgiving makes you feel a different way, and it is called more thankful for what you have.