Now that Thanksgiving break has finally come and gone, the only thing getting between most college students and a full month of winter break the most dreaded finals. There's not a student alive who even remotely enjoys finals, especially when most of them are cumulative from the entire semester and you suddenly have five tests in as many days.

Unfortunately, finals are just a natural part of the college experience, and your recent Thanksgiving break only reminded you how badly you want to go home for longer than just a long weekend.

The month of December is completely dreaded for most college students. It's nearly always freezing (well, depending on the part of the country you're in), it's dark by about 4:30 in the afternoon, and you barely have time to hang with your friends because all your professors are piling up the work. The few weeks to a month following Thanksgiving break and before Christmas break are some of the most miserable for college students, because of all the aforementioned factors and many others.

I may only have one (and nearly a half) of college years experience under my belt, but I’ve quickly learned that finals are no fun at any time of year, but especially not fun in the dead of winter when you want to stay bundled up in bed rather than trek down to the library. But take it from a slightly seasoned professional, just keep pushing along. With every passing hour you study, or with every test you check off your list, you’re one hour and one completed test closer to being away from tests and homework and annoying professors for a nice, long break.

Let this past Thanksgiving break be your determination and your reminder for what you’ll get to enjoy if you’ve just power through for the month of December. Just picture yourself lying in your own bed, sleeping in late, without a care in the world. Let that mindset of being able to have a do-nothing attitude, but don’t let that vision creep up too early, right when you’re approaching the finish line to the semester.

So as you’re crying about break being over and final season approaching, just know that you can get through it and think of all the relaxation you can enjoy once you’re all done in like a month.