Teachers give us to such an extent. An increase in certainty when we actually require one. Additional assistance when we're experiencing difficulty. What's more, however, we know we can't ever express gratitude toward them enough, we can pause for a minute amid National Teacher Appreciation Week to share our gratefulness for the exceptional instructors in our lives.

Teaching requires an individualized approach as every student adapts contrastingly and has a distinctive set of requirements, unlike other careers in which a similar strategy can be implemented over and over. My Guitar teacher, Mr. Raul Huaman (Mr. H) had similar difficulties while he taught us how to play the Guitar. Now, I understand how difficult is to hear someone playing wrong music notes or chords. I want to thank him for having so much patience among all other teachers of mine from middle school, high school, and college.

When we first started playing Guitar, it was boring because Mr. H wanted us to play single string simultaneously. Well, it was part of the learning process, but all of us hated that. All of us have seen Jimi Hendrix, B. B. King, and John Frusciante from Red Hot Chili Pepper band playing Guitar and we wanted to play like them. It seemed impossible at that time because we had a lot to learn and master each style by practicing them. We needed some motivation to go through the first phase of learning Guitar to get where we wanted to get. Mr.H encouraged us by playing some of those songs for us and letting us know that it’s doable if we practice enough.

Practice makes you perfect! You might have heard this phrase thousands of times, but when you actually have to do it, it’s boring at the time. Mr. H wanted us to practice as we have never won and performed like as we have never lost. He had spent hours after school and in class before biannual concerts. It must have been annoying for him to watch us make no improvements. However, he had faith and tons of patience instead. He had not just taught me how to play Guitar, but he also assisted me to rearrange and compose new music while I was learning how to play.

Instead of telling it’s too early for me to start working on my own compositions, which could have demotivated me, he encouraged me to proceed further with my dreams instead. He spent extra hours after school and after class so I can get selected for the state concert. I did get chosen for the state concert (NJMEA) in 2016, and he was so happy even more than I was. NJMEA concert was one of the best events in my life, and he was the reason that I was playing in NJMEA concert among other 15 Guitar players from New Jersey high schools. I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for me so I can become a musician. Thanks again, Mr. H, for everything. You will be my favorite teacher of all time.