Well I am in complete shock. My freshman year has flown by in a stressful, chaotic blink and I am packing to go back home for the hot summer days, working and hanging with my friends by the pool. Thank goodness. It feels like such a short time ago, we were all worried to meet our roommates, make new friends, and take harder courses. Well here we are, packing to go back home after a whole two semesters at college. I have learned and grown so much through the experiences I have gone through this year. However, the most important factor that helped me evolve and enjoy my first year at Syracuse University was the amazing people I have met.

When I was nervous and anxious to be in a new environment, so many people in the same boat opened up and let me in. With these people, who I call my dear friends, I created some of the most genuine, hilarious, and happy memories. With these people, I had some of the best movie nights that ended with the orange hues of a sunrise. With these people, I had girly nights in with face masks, nonstop talking and horrible dancing. With these people, I struggled to get through exam weeks on very little to no sleep, which tested all of our strength and motivation. With these people, I ordered-in countless amounts of sushi, Chinese food, and pizza. (Honestly, Bleu Monkey should thank me for their business.) With these people, I made late night runs to Kimmel to get milkshakes, chips, and unhealthy junk food that further fueled the “freshmen 15.” In such a short time, I have grown attached to these individuals who made me laugh through a painful, yet a very exciting year.

Unlike high school, you can bond and get to know these people 24/7. You live with them. You eat with them. You do laundry with them. You study with them. Your free time is your own time at college which allows you to see the people you wish any time for as long as you want. Because of this, my friendships in college is as strong or even stronger than those I made in the 12 years up to college. Each and every friend has helped me experience college to the fullest. They shaped the way I grew and changed as an individual.

The laughs we shared at the dining hall to the topnotch karaoke session are the little moments I am forever grateful for. Without my amazing friends that entered my life this year, I would not have had such a fulfilling first year at college. Always remember to surround yourself with people that give you joy and make your heart feel full. They will only bring happy times that will make your life vibrant.

As I pack to go back home for the summer, I can only think of how blessed I am to encounter some of the most intelligent, hilarious, genuine, and loving people. I can’t imagine a better year. As much as I am ready for the carefree summer, I know that when it’s time to move back in, I will be very giddy for another adventurous year at Syracuse. But until then, HAGS!