To my first car,

I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was 8:30 in the morning, and I was en route to the Wayne Department of Motor Vehicles with my friend, Nick, to take my driver’s test. Butterflies filling within my stomach and words struggling to come out, I entered the car with the driving instructor to venture around the course and do all of the tasks that were asked of me. Ten minutes later, I was brought to the point where I had begun my test and was told that I was now a licensed driver. With excitement pouring out of me, I could not help but think of the first place that I was going to drive you when I get home.

Although there are times that you infuriate me with your finicky breaks and loud engine, I couldn’t have chosen a better first car. You have gotten me through the crazy snow storms, the torrential down pours, the blistering heat, and the huge hills that are all throughout Northern New Jersey. But, the reason you are so special to me is because you were Grandpa’s before mine. Every single time I get in the car, the smell instantly reminds me of Grandpa’s cologne and favorite cigars that he used to smoke within your borders. On the days when I miss him the most, I find comfort in driving you around because I know that there is always that little piece of him within you.

Your grey outer shell, smooth suede interior, and pearly white tires that take me everywhere that I need to go fill my mind when I think about how appreciative I am for all that you have done. You’ve been my protective shell from the horrors of the outside world, both physically and emotionally. On the days when its pouring rain and lightening, to the days where I have no desire to leave you to go inside, I cannot express my appreciation for being the inanimate object that has truly changed my life forever. Thank you for getting me from Point A to Point B, for being a friendly reminder that my Grandpa is always with me, and for very simply being the best first car that I could have ever asked for. You will always represent my transition from childhood to adulthood.

To the many more drives that we are going to have in the coming years…