An Open Love Letter To Dunkin' Donuts

An Open Love Letter To Dunkin' Donuts

Man, oh man, what would I do without you?

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Dear Dunkin’ Donuts,

Well, it's been a long two years since you have gotten me hooked on your delicious and addicting caffeinated beverages. You’ve gotten me through the all-nighters, the hangovers, the long drives home, and the most brutal of mornings — and I couldn’t thank you enough for being that little ray of sunshine that I am sure to find, even on my darkest of days. Even though the majority of my paycheck goes to your app to fend for my caffeine addiction, I have no regrets after my first time walking into your store and finally feeling bold enough to order a coffee, instead of the usual Coolata beverage. Man, oh man, what would I do without you?

You know the saying “people come and go”? Well, you see, I never have to worry about that with you, because I know that every single day, no matter what time or place, I can always find myself in the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts. One of my fondest memories of your chain was finding you in my university’s student center, just a short five minute walk away from my dorm. I felt a sense of ease in the fact that you were with me in my new surroundings; even though there were many times those first few weeks away that I felt lost, I knew that I could find comfort in your delicious Iced Caramel Coffee with cream, and it surely got me through some of the hardships of being away from home (and my favorite Dunkin’ Baristas).

Thank you for being so delicious and becoming the greatest craving that I have every single day. Thank you for making me show my friends how important a Dunkin’ coffee is in their college careers. Thank you for being present in nearly every town that I venture to in Northern New Jersey. Thank you for always tasting delicious, for having On-The-Go ordering so I don’t have to talk to people if I’m having a rough day, and for always putting a smile on my face, even when I didn’t think it was possible. My life would be so different (and probably a little more cost efficient) if it weren’t for your coffee and donuts. You truly have made a positive and everlasting impact in my life.

With all my love forever and always,


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