Why You Should Thank Your Terrible Roommates

If you're in college, chances are you've had an awful roommate experience. It's OK, we all have, and it's nothing to be ashamed about – unless, of course, you're the terrible roommate, than you should probably be ashamed.

Regardless of what happened or how much we don't want to think about it, we all – at one point or another – think back to those times and either laugh or cringe. Sometimes both. What we can all probably agree on is that each of these terrible roommates taught us something about ourselves and about life in general.

To the roommate who played awful music way too loud...

We had different taste in music, and I understand that now. You taught me how to block out external noise and that I can do my homework somewhere other than my apartment. Your terrible habit made me get out into the world and explore more than I should. You also helped me make some friends I probably never would have met otherwise.

To the roommate who kept eating my food without asking...

If you were hungry and would have asked, I would have given you some food, but it doesn't matter anymore. You taught me to expand my palate. I had to buy foods I knew you didn't like, so you wouldn't eat them, and I am so much better for it. There's is almost nothing I can't eat thanks to you.

You also taught me how to buy the right amount of food. I bought just enough, so there would be no leftovers. I saved a lot of money, and for that, I thank you again.

To the roommate who was absolutely disgusting...

You taught me the value of good hygiene. We both learned how sick you can get from not washing your dishes properly and from having a dirty kitchen. We both learned how dust can be very harmful when inhaled daily. Best of all, you taught me how to clean like my mother always tried to teach me.

To the roommate who always had their significant other over...

You taught me the value of personal space and boundaries. Life is too short to have someone you don't know hanging around and consuming all of your goods. You taught me PDA is awkward and that you should never be subjected to feeling like a third wheel in your own home. Best of all, you taught me to be more comfortable with confrontation. I had to kick them out sometimes.

To the roommate who kept stealing from me...

You taught me how to be creative. It wasn't easy hiding things in places where you wouldn't find them. You also taught me the problem with excess. The more stuff you have, the more stuff can get stolen. I am less materialistic because of you, and that's pretty great.

To the roommate whose personality clashed with mine...

We were both so different, and living together was probably not a good idea. One of us was introverted and the other was extroverted. One of us was crass and the other was sensitive. You taught me how to change my attitude around different people. You taught me how to be silent in a room with other people in it. You made it clear to me that who I am is who I want to be.

To all of my roommates who were wonderful, thank you for being so. Unfortunately, I don't learn nearly as much from you, but it's nice to have you around. That's all someone could ask for.

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