As I approach my senior year, I am reflecting on of all the ways that the Women's College at Brenau University has changed me as a person, for the better. I have learned plenty of lessons while attending Brenau. I've also been given numerous opportunities to improve myself, and further my future career. I thank Brenau University for the person I am today, and the person I will be tomorrow.

Brenau University Has Taught Me To Think Critically.

Brenau promotes critical thinking as it's goal in every aspect of campus life. Each course includes a portion of critical thinking in it's syllabus. It has become the motto of the school, to look beyond the obvious and apply interdisciplinary knowledge. We are expected to look beyond our normal way of thinking, and expand our mind to other possibilities. We are expected to make an informed judgement from non-biased analysis of information.

Brenau University Is Diverse.

Although I have met some students with similar backgrounds to my own, I've met many more students who have an entirely different backgrounds than I do. Brenau offers a rotary program, which brings in students from other countries to attend the college for some period of time. I have been able to meet girls from countries that differ greatly from my own. I have had the amazing opportunity of being allowed to meet people with primary languages, religions, sexualities, gender orientations, and cultures that are very different than my own. The microcosm that is Brenau University has allowed me to expand my understanding of the world, and the people that inhabit it.

Brenau University Promotes Women Leadership.

Brenau has been running as a Women's College since 1878. Despite including a small percentage of male students in recent years, Brenau is still very focused on it's female students. Going to Brenau has given me the opportunity to see women leaders in action. From the female professors and admininistrators, to the powerful female students, I have been fortunate enough to see the amazing things that happen when women are in positions of leadership. These women are successful, intelligent, and strong. Brenau University has inspired me, to try to become a leader in my community, as well.

Brenau University Holds Onto Traditions Without Impeding Progress.

Brenau is a highly traditional school in many ways, but it doesn't allow it's traditions to interfere with progress. In fact, there is a week dedicated to traditions at Brenau, known as R.A.T.T. week, or Remember All The Traditions week. In this week, sophomores encourage freshman or "rats" to participate in a game where they are asked questions about Brenau's history. Brenau also holds traditional formal convocations every semester, which include a benediction and the singing of the alma mater. As mentioned before, Brenau is a Women's College, and has kept the tradition of single-gender education going for over 100 years. Despite all of these traditions, Brenau is constantly moving forward as well. Brenau faculty and staff continuously come up with ways to promote healthy, forward-moving change. This includes things like implementing newer technology into the classroom, and creating new ways to get the students involved with the community. Although Brenau University loves to look back, it never stops moving forward.

Brenau University Creates A Sisterhood.

The sororities aren't the only places on campus where lifelong sisterhoods are forming. The University promotes friendship and love amongst all of the women who attend. Although college is a time of competition for scholarships, athletics, and much more, it is also a time of unification at Brenau University. Rather than put women in opposition against each other, Brenau promotes forms a community of women who stand with one another, and try to help one another.

I am honored to be a Brenau Golden Tiger. I have learned so much about myself, and others through attending. I have been able to further myself, and my future career. I've been given confidence, and support from the strong women who attend brenau, and the extremely capable faculty and staff. I have learned to think critically, learned to appreciate the diversity of people in this world, and learned how to become a woman leader. I have made many memories, especially of the traditions at Brenau. I have also made friendships that I am confident will last the rest of my life. Most importantly, Brenau University has made me a better person.