From the first day I walked into your class, I never knew that you’d teach me more than just a shuffle hop step or a drawback. You’ve enlightened me with your wisdom that extends beyond the walls of the dance studio.

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Thank you for teaching me the value of hard work and perseverance. You taught me to always try my best and no matter how difficult the task at hand is, to never give up. No matter what I face in life, you shown me there is no mountain that can’t be moved or a goal set too high.

Thank you for helping me find my self-confidence. I had struggled for many years with this, and it wasn’t until I entered your classroom that I began to find that confidence. Without this, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Thank you for the long hours spent not in extra rehearsals, but in taking time to listen. You can always tell when something was amiss in my life, and comforted me with your wise words of advice. I could always count on you to turn my day around. Regardless of the issue, you sat and listened, whether it be school, boys or life in general you always had the right words to help me be at peace.

My last and most important thank you is for being such an incredible role model. You’re someone I look up to and admire deeply. You’ve helped me grow in many ways. I only hope that one day I can have such an impact in someone’s life as you have had in mine.

While throughout my life I’ve had many dance teachers, no one has had such an impact as you. You taught me so many valuable life lessons and I will forever be grateful.