A Thank You To My Grandpa For The Dancing Lessons

A Thank You To My Grandpa For The Dancing Lessons

You taught me so much in our relatively short time together. I will forever be grateful for your love.

Dear Poptart,

It's been four years now since we've laughed together, spent the mornings drinking hot tea, or Friday evenings dancing in your apartment living room. I miss you more than words can possibly describe.

The more I grow up, the more I realize all of the important things that you taught me from a young age. You taught me to stand up for myself, and to be happy with who I am. You gave me an appreciation for music--good music like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. You gave me a love for coffee (even though I wasn't supposed to have any), cooking, and old movies.

I sometimes come to see you and read you poetry. I hope you know how badly I wish you were here to see the young woman I've become. I wish you could have seen me perform my senior year of high school, seen me, graduate, heard the poetry I finally started sharing--you always said I was good at writing.

I hope you know how badly I've wanted to make you proud. I'm no longer the little girl that constantly left her lunchbox or clarinet at home, calling her grandpa to come bring it to her. Although sometimes I still am forgetful, I think I'm a tad more responsible and a lot of that is because of you.

I miss cooking spaghetti with you, helping out at Knights of Columbus breakfasts, drinking hot tea, going out to eat, watching movies, and dancing. I miss your stories most of all. I know we would all get frustrated hearing the same stories over and over again but what I would give up to hear one of those stories again.

I learned so much from your stories and because of them, I found you again a couple of years after your passing on an island in the middle of the ocean. I met a man who grew up with you and it reminded how small this world is and how close you are even though I don't see you anymore.

I hope you know how much I love you. You were my second parent for a long time and I will forever be grateful for the love and care you showed me for so long. Not everyone is lucky enough to grow up with their grandparents right there, and I can tell you they are missing out. I hope you're still dancing. I love you.


Your granddaughter

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Dear Mom, I Hope You Know

I hope you know that I am here for you--until the very end.

Dear Mom,

I hope you know that I appreciate you.

You are the hardest working woman I know, continuously putting your family before yourself. Thank you for doing all of the tedious jobs that no one wants to do like keeping the house in order, cooking the food, and doing the laundry. Thank you for constantly putting up with my siblings and I. Thank you for always supporting us in our interests and hobbies. Thank you for investing in our daily lives and listening to our minor problems. Thank you for always loving us unconditionally.

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I hope you know I'm sorry.

I know I can be a big pain in the butt sometimes, and for that I'm sorry. I'm sorry for yelling at you, arguing with you, not listening to you, and making dumb decisions at times, but thank you for loving me anyways. Thank you for helping me stand back up, teaching me right from wrong, and pushing me to be the very best version of me.

I hope you know your love inspires me.

You live your life with a love that is contagious. Whether its nurturing love, tough love, friendly love, or romantic love, you have it all and you show it daily. The love you and Dad share is something I hope to find one day and the love you have for your family is evident in the way you constantly put us first.

I hope you know that you are my biggest role model and hero.

Ever since I was a little girl, you have been the person I have looked to in my life. You are strong, independent, confident, loving, supportive, and nurturing-- everything I strive to be as a woman and as a future mother. You give the best advice, even when I don't always take it. Though, I should know better by now because mothers always know best. Without you in my life, I honestly don't know where I'd be.

I hope you know that you are my best friend.

Not only are you my biggest cheerleader supporting me in everything I do, you are the person I talk to about everything, whether it's good or bad. I'm honestly so thankful for the relationship we share because I've had countless screwups and you literally give the best advice. Seriously, thank you for being the person I can count on at all times, at any time of the day or even night to just talk with. I mean we really do have some of the best conversations, best laughs, best cries (when needed), and the most fun watching cheesy chick flicks together or going on crazy shopping adventures.

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I hope you know that I am here for you--until the very end.

I don't mean to make you cry or anything -- even though you probably already are, but I want you to know that when the time comes, I'm going to be there for you just like all of these years you've been here for me. I will be there to support you, talk with you, laugh with you, cry with you, and love you for all of my life.

Honestly, I can't really imagine my life without you -- but it doesn't matter because I wouldn't be here without you, so here's to you.

Thank you for being you.

Love you lots!

Your daughter.

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An Open Letter To My Grandfather

Every big moment of my life you have been there.


Dear Grandpa,

I have thought a lot about what I want to say to you because there is so much. I have been so lucky to have been able to grow up with a grandfather like you. You have taught me so much and given me so many memories that I will remember forever.

Thank you for always hosting Christmas Eve. This may sound so cliche, but that is my favorite day of the year hands down. It is the one day that we all get to stop working or studying and just forget about everything just to come together to laugh and have a great time. My favorite part of that night is the fire you put on the TV. We all joke about it and you get a nice kick out of it and it is funny. Let's not forget the tradition of watching "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation", that is awesome because we all sit around and can quote the whole movie. As kids, my sisters and I always looked forward to this day and as a 21-year-old I still do more and more every day!

Thank you for being present. Every big moment of my life you have been there. You were at my dance competitions, my high school graduation, you helped me numerous times when it came to moving around from apartment to apartment in college, and you check up on me every once in a while. Knowing that you are proud of me and enjoy helping me grow up is such a blessing. A lot of kids my age don't have that grandfather that is in their lives and I am so glad that I do.

Thank you for always making me laugh. Believe it or not, you are hilarious. Your little cheesy jokes are always the highlight of the conversation. There is never a dull moment with you and that is why I love how great our relationship is. You always know how to put a smile on my face when I am upset or when you know I am having a hard time. You make sure to check up on me too which is most important to me because it shows you actually care. So, keep those cheesy jokes coming because I love them!

Lastly, thank you for the memories. Thank you for Christmas Eve, thank you for road trips to my college to help me move a 50 pound desk up 4 flights of stairs, thank you for coming to my dance competitions in high school, thank you for letting me come over whenever I want to talk for 3 hours, and most importantly thank you for being there. I hope everyone understands how important it is to have a relationship with their grandparents and I am so glad we have that. I love everything about our relationship and I would not change anything for the world. You are the best and I hope to have you around forever!

Love Your Favorite Oldest Granddaughter,


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