A Thank You To Mr. C

By attending West Deptford schools my whole life, I have had the privilege to have amazing teachers. I was lucky to have Mr. C as one of those amazing teachers.

It's typical to have a teacher and a coach be able to touch so many young lives. But, Mr. C was different. He wasn't just someone who helped a student understand the English language better or a coach that made someone be able to run faster. He was a teacher that changed the future for his students. He was a coach that helped motivated athletes to do their best on and off the field. He changed my entire future.

I just finished my first year at college. Last year, my life was entirely different. It would have not been the way it was without Mr. C. Throughout my high school career, I was ecstatic and hopeful for my future career as an Early Education and Special Education teacher. I was already picturing what my classroom would look like and how happy I would be teaching my lessons. But,all of that changed. I started hearing negative things about my future career from friends, other teachers, and even family members. I immediately felt lost and confused as to why I even chose this as a career path. Were the others right? Is being a teacher even worth it? The salary isn't that great, I could make more money doing something else. There were more doubts that were hitting me left and right from others around me. Uneasy thoughts and feeling were overcoming my mind every day regarding my future.

I would have doubted myself just a year ago if I even wanted to be a teacher. Now, I can't imagine my future career in any other way because of Mr. C. There was a day when I was just done with worrying about what the future held for me and I finally decided to listen to what other people said and think of another career.

There were only a couple of students in the classroom, as it was a relaxed day of school and many events occurring. With the short numbers in the classroom, Mr. C was just making conversation with his students. He always had a way with joking around and making funny jokes to help ease any tension or stress that students had. He will never know that on that day he eased all of my stress I had about my future. "What are you going to major in?" Mr. C asked me. "Who, me?" I questioned him, barely even paying attention. "Yes, you!" He said back with a sarcastic tone. "Well, I really have always wanted to teach. Especially at the younger level. So I am going to major in Early Education and Special Education. But, I'm starting to doubt it because everyone is telling me how it isn't the best career path, as it doesn't make that much money..." I said trailing off.

Immediately, he looked at me with a face where he made me feel like I just made a huge mistake. He was right, of course, as he was a hard working man that was full of wisdom. Mr. C looked at me and was sure to go on to tell me how it doesn't matter what others think. If he let what others have said to him affect him, he wouldn't be here teaching us. He wouldn't have a career where he would be truly happy in. He wouldn't have a career where he could be able to talk to young people and help them grow and learn. Mr. C then told me that I was meant to teach and he knew that because of my demeanor.

This was so refreshing to hear. During that time, I had other teachers tell me that teaching isn't the greatest profession for them. I had teachers tell me that I should think of other career options. I had teachers tell me that it isn't even worth teaching. I heard so many complains from fellow teachers from more than one school that it made me scared. Mr. C took all of those doubts away when he sat down and talked to me.

As I look back and remember how he had an impact on me, I can't be thankful enough to have had a teacher like Mr. C.

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