Dear Nike,

Visiting your stores, for me, is better than going to a candy store. The sight of your impeccable latest releases, the smell of new shoes, and, most significantly, all of the clothes that I want to have in my closet takes my breath away every single time that I walk in. My mind wanders as I think to myself, “do I really need this shirt?” or “wow, these shoes would match perfectly with that Nike shirt that I have at home.” You have made me feel so beautiful and so powerful when I wear that little swoosh on my headbands, shirts, shorts, and sneakers, and I wouldn’t change my infatuation with your brand for anything.

Some may have the preconceived notion that you can only wear Nike clothing if you are an athlete. Well, as a retired softball player myself, I can assure you that this is most certainly NOT the case. When you have that Nike swoosh on your favorite shirt, shorts, or shoes, you automatically feel empowered, athletic, bold, and most importantly, confident, in the person that you are and what you are wearing. You can still have all of the admirable qualities of an athlete without being labeled as such, and you, Nike, help people just like myself do just that. I know that anytime I get a new pair of shoes from your store, my eyes light up, my heart is filled with joy, and I have a constant obsession with wearing them for the next week; I don’t need to be an athlete to feel all of these things.

Thank you.

Thank you for your unbelievably comfortable spandex that is found underneath every girl’s dress when they go out on the weekends.

Thank you for the unthinkable amount of sneakers that you have in the most popular stores; from different colors to unmatchable styles, you have it all.

Thank you for your wisdom, positivity, and motivation in every single ad that you produce.

Thank you for making your “average Joe” feel like their favorite sponsored athlete, all because of your brilliant advertising, immaculate clothing, and really awesome shoes. You have changed the fashion industry and my life forever.

“Just do it…”