Thank You Nannie and Pop

Thank You Nannie and Pop

God knew what he was doing when he made us family!

Well, I’m sitting here trying to think of what to say and I honestly don’t know where to start. If any of you have the privilege of knowing my grandparents, you should consider yourself lucky. I literally don’t know what I would do without them. They constantly push me to be the best I can be, love me for who I am, help me with anything and everything and so much more. I couldn’t think of two better people to look up to my whole life and strive to be like.

Thank you Nannie for coming to eat lunch with me as much as you could in Kindergarten because I cried almost everyday. It’s the little things like that that I’ll remember forever.

Thank you Pop for helping me with my homework every single time I call. Whether its Math, Science, or English you understand it all. Don’t know what I would have done without your help on that project the night before it was due.

Thank you both for always pushing me to be the best I can be no matter what. Whether it was school, sports, or anything you both always pushed me outside my comfort zone and encouraged me to be the best me I could be.

Thank you for always supporting me. You have no idea how much that means to me and how appreciative I am that you both are always on my side. I wouldn’t want to go to anyone else with my problems because I know that no matter what you both will help me get through it either way.

Thank you for raising my mom the way she is because without her I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Thank you for always having the best food at your house and making sure I never go hungry. I can always count on Nannie to make something good!

Thank you Pop for always having a joke to tell and putting a smile on my face. Even if it takes me a minute to get it.

Thank you for never missing a soccer game or any function I had. Y’all will never know how much I appreciated you both being my biggest supporters and number one fans. Through the rain or shine, I could always count on y’all to be there cheering me on.

Thanking you for always challenging me in my faith and encouraging me to become a better Christian everyday. I look up to the people you both are and hope to be half the person you are today.

I could go on and on thanking you both for all you do. It would probably be a never ending list because you’ll never know how thankful I am for the both of you. I hope you know how much I love y’all. I take you both for granted way too much and don’t step back to realize just how much you do for me. Y’all are perfect in my eyes and I wouldn’t want any other grandparents. God knew what he was doing when he made us family!


Your Granddaughter

Cover Image Credit: Georgia Kate Crawford

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Whenever you hear about roommate stories, they're almost never good, and they usually scare you into never wanting a roommate. "Did you hear her roommate steals her clothes?" "Her roommate doesn't shower!" "Wow, her roommate doesn't talk at all, and doesn't do laundry." From what I hear, there are more bad stories than good. That is why I consider myself lucky, because my roommate is nothing like one of those bad stories. When life hands you a good roommate after talking to about 40 girls through Facebook, a few things happen.

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5. You both look out for each other, because this is your first time without your parents.

6. You always have a shoulder to lean on when things get tough.

7. Borrowing each other's things is a daily thing.

8. You TRY to help with each other's homework and assignments.

9. They're encouraging when it comes to boys. (Unless they're a f*ckboy.)

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Cover Image Credit: Jordan Griffin

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I'm Choosing To Spend Time With Papa While I Still Have Him

There's still time to make memories.


So I am fortunate enough to be able to say I haven't lost many close relatives yet. As I get older though, I'm starting to think more and more about making the most out of my time with them. It's a fact of life that they aren't going to be around forever and it just hit me recently. I was talking to my Papa (my father's dad) about some things we want to work on in his workshop and I had the thought that whatever we don't get done in the next few weeks before he goes to Florida, we can take care of when he gets back in the Spring. But for how much longer am I going to be able to put these bonding experiences off?

Papa is 72. He very well might have many more years to go, but he also might not. That's something I've always kind of known in an abstract way, but it hit me for possibly the first time that he could pass away before we ever get to finish those projects we've been working on for years. Since that thought crossed my mind, I've been thinking a lot more about the time I've spent with him and how important it has been to me.

I think my favorite thing about spending time with my Papa is his pride when he teaches me something new. I've always thought something sad about life is that no matter how much you try to record your thoughts or pass things on when you die those things are lost to the rest of the world. Yeah, I can teach someone a skill I have, but I'll never pass on everything. In much the same way, I think as my Papa has gotten older and acquired so many different experiences that he really wants to be able to pass those things on. When I work with him I always make a point to reference things he has taught me and I love seeing the pride in his eyes when he knows I actually listen to what he says.

This weekend I'm driving up to West Branch and working on some of those projects we've been putting off for the last few years. I think we all need to take more time to appreciate the people we care about. This isn't just about grandparents, either. You never really know how much time you have left with the people that are important to you, so absolutely spend as much time as you can with them. I'm going to make some more memories with my Papa, and then I'm going to start making time for the rest of the important people in my life.


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