Hi guys. If you’re reading this maybe you are rolling your eyes, impressed I used the correct “you’re” or tearing up because our year is winding down. This time last year, I was so worried about even finding friends let alone being lucky enough to call all of you my very best friends. They say you find your best friends in college… They were right.

I don’t even know where to begin thanking you. Prior to college, I was never a girls girl because I had bad experiences in the past. I always thought girls were competitive and wouldn’t look out for me the way they looked out for themselves. But you three changed that. Each of you individually changed the way I think of girls and allowed me to trust them again. For me, trust has never come easily but now I would trust my life with any of you. How has nine months gone by so fast? Well maybe because I was in the company of miracle workers, my saving graces. Thank you for… it’s a long list.

1. Always making me smile

You are all hilarious even if you don’t think so. I am not just talking about your finsta’s, I mean in general. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t smile while being around you. Whether you are cracking jokes, saying something ridiculous, or completely distracting me. College is hard but you each made it just a little bit easier

2. Still loving me even on my off days

As you are reading this… you know what I am talking about. This year was very hard for a number of reasons (some my own fault) others just involving the process of moving on. Thank you for never letting me dwell on my sadness and for always providing constant distractions. Thank you for remembering the little things I tell you and always asking me about them.

3. Coming to my rescue

You know the night I am talking about. The time where maybe I got a little too "shambly" and absolutely needed rescuing. You came to my aid way past midnight and I don’t know where I would be without you. Thank you for giving up your night to help me and I promise it will never happen again!

4. Showing me what family means

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a low-key home body. I love my house and all the people in it. You three showed me that family doesn’t necessarily mean blood. I love our Sunday night family dinner complete with Doba and Criminal minds. I have never felt more loved outside of my home than when I am with you all.

5. Always introducing me to your friends

You always introduce me to everyone you know, which makes me feel loved by you. You never keep a friend to yourself and all of your friends become my friends.

6. Telling your friends and family about me

I love how all your family members and friends know my name. Most of them even follow me on social media or like my Odyssey articles! To me, this means that we are all life-long friends because I am not only a part of your college life but your home life as well.

7. Putting me in my place (when I need it)

Ahh yes. We all know I can be annoying at times. Thank you for calling me out when I am in the wrong or when I am overanalyzing something (I know this is a lot). True friends call you out when you are wrong, or remind you when you need to workout!

8. Giving your honest opinion

When I don’t look good in something, I can always count on you three to tell me! You never say it in a mean or malicious way just always help me look my best! Thank you for not letting me completely let myself go during freshman year.

9. Never letting me down

This is a big one. None of you have ever let me down. If anything, you three amaze me each and every day and I could not be more fortunate than to have friends like you. Not only do you not let me down but you strive me to be a better person, like all of you.

10. Giving me your whole heart

How lucky am I to be in the hearts of you three. You are all the most amazing girls I have ever met and will ever meet. I don’t know what I did but I must have done something right to have you three as best friends. Thank you will never be enough but I just want you to know, that you all have my whole heart as well. Thank you all for being the very best. I promise to never let you down.