In today’s society dealing with mental illness is almost frowned upon or makes someone seem weak. It’s hard enough dealing with it as an everyday person, but when it comes to being a celebrity who lives their life in the spotlight, it can be even harder. Kid Cudi recently came out about his struggle with mental illness. He is taking time off from the business to focus on himself. Taking time off of something you love to do is a struggle for anyone, especially if it is your career. On October 4th Kid Cudi posted a status about his recent break from his music career to focus on himself. He has battling depression for awhile now and has finally decided to take the time he needed for himself. He has started focusing on himself and becoming the person he always wanted to be.

I just want to take the time to thank you, Kid Cudi, thank you. Thank you for reminding people it is okay to take time for themselves. Thank you for reminding the world about people who are going through these struggles are not alone. Thank you for being so brave and standing up against stigma. Thank you. I don't think I can say that enough. Thank you for being able to make a stand for yourself. Thank you for reminding people that getting help is okay and that talking about this situation IS OKAY. Thank you for reminding the world that these problems don't just exist in people's heads. Thank you for making a statement that this is something that has to be talked about. But overall, thank you for doing this for yourself. In a world that is so hard to live in, thank you for making sure you are okay first.

We all stand behind you, Kid Cudi. Thank you for getting the help you need and I can't wait to see what your career holds for you in the future.