A Thank You Letter To All Those Around Me

A Thank You Letter To All Those Around Me

Everyone stays and leaves for a reason.

So, since Thanksgiving is coming up, I decided to write a thank you letter to everyone around me. Those who came into my life recently, those who are not in my life anymore, and those who stuck around with me for a while, just to name a few. I used to think if someone left my life, then there was something wrong with me.

Whether we know it or not, those who are meant to leave all along do so, to make room for better individuals in your life. Just because they’re no longer in your life, does not mean the friendship, and love you had did not ever exist. And even if it didn’t, it’s okay not to be liked by everyone, because there are people in your life who truly love and appreciate you.

So here's my open thank you letter, because all of these people who came into my life, truly helped me grow.

Thanks to those who hated and continue hating me. You continue to give me strength. Without you doubting me, I probably would have never pushed myself as hard and be where I’m at today. You may have hated me, but as I get older, I come to realize that I have nothing but love for you. You helped push me in the right direction, to be the person that I wanted to become, and am still becoming.

Thanks to those that loved me, and still love me. You're continuing to make my heart go fonder. Without the endless love that I receive from my friends, and family I wouldn't try as hard as I do. Now or days, it seems like the world is more full of hate than ever, which is why it's extremely important to me that I surround myself with those who can love unconditionally, even though we might have different opinions from time to time.

Thanks to those who cared, and continue to care. You make me feel important. There's no greater feeling in this world, then knowing your appreciated by someone. It can be something simple, by getting a message that says "I miss you." Those three words can make someone's day, or maybe their whole entire week, month etc. Words are very powerful, which is why we always need to choose them carefully. Sometimes it's easy to feel as though you're not important, but when people show you they care, it can make all the difference.

Thanks to those who entered my life. You made me who I am today. Whether we had good times, or not so good times, I am grateful for all the experiences those who have entered my life at one point or another have given me. All of these experiences have taught me to be more patient, understanding, and to listen to what the other person(s) have to say without completely shutting down. They also have taught me to know when to walk away, and say enough is enough.

Thanks to those that left. You showed me that nothing lasts forever. You are one of the people I'm most grateful to. You showed me love and support when I needed you to, and you also taught me to let go, even when I didn't want to. You showed me that a heartbreak doesn't just happen when you're in a romantic relationship with someone. And even if your heart does get broken, it won't stay that way forever.

Thanks to those who stayed. You show me the meaning of true friendship. There is no one who is in my life that I can honestly say I wish I never met. Everyone, has a major part to play in who I am as a person. (Minus the sarcasm, which is all me.) I wouldn't want to go through the laughs, smiles, tears, and everything in between with anyone else, but all of you. (Y'all know who you are).

Thanks to those who listened, and continue to listen. You made feel like I was worth it, and continue to do so. Although I can never stay awake for those "deep three-in-the-morning" phone conversations, I appreciate all of the 11:30 PM conversations we've had just as much. I can always count on you to tell me when I'm in the right, and even more so when I'm in the wrong. We might not agree depending on the situation, but I still appreciate cha. <3

All credits for the idea for this article go to this photo, which can be found on Facebook!

Cover Image Credit: Idodoe

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A Letter To My Humans On Our Last Day Together

We never thought this day would come.

I didn't sleep much last night after I saw your tears. I would have gotten up to snuggle you, but I am just too weak. We both know my time with you is coming close to its end, and I just can't believe it how fast it has happened.

I remember the first time I saw you like it was yesterday.

You guys were squealing and jumping all around, because you were going home with a new dog. Dad, I can still feel your strong hands lifting me from the crate where the rest of my puppy brothers and sisters were snuggled around my warm, comforting puppy Momma. You held me up so that my chunky belly and floppy wrinkles squished my face together, and looked me right in the eyes, grinning, “She's the one."

I was so nervous on the way to my new home, I really didn't know what to expect.

But now, 12 years later as I sit in the sun on the front porch, trying to keep my wise, old eyes open, I am so grateful for you. We have been through it all together.

Twelve “First Days of School." Losing your first teeth. Watching Mom hang great tests on the refrigerator. Letting you guys use my fur as a tissue for your tears. Sneaking Halloween candy from your pillowcases.

Keeping quiet while Santa put your gifts under the tree each year. Never telling Mom and Dad when everyone started sneaking around. Being at the door to greet you no matter how long you were gone. Getting to be in senior pictures. Waking you up with big, sloppy kisses despite the sun not even being up.

Always going to the basement first, to make sure there wasn't anything scary. Catching your first fish. First dates. Every birthday. Prom pictures. Happily watching dad as he taught the boys how to throw every kind of ball. Chasing the sticks you threw, even though it got harder over the years.

Cuddling every time any of you weren't feeling well. Running in the sprinkler all summer long. Claiming the title “Shotgun Rider" when you guys finally learned how to drive. Watching you cry in mom and dads arms before your graduation. Feeling lost every time you went on vacation without me.

Witnessing the awkward years that you magically all overcame. Hearing my siblings learn to read. Comforting you when you lost grandma and grandpa. Listening to your phone conversations. Celebrating new jobs. Licking your scraped knees when you would fall.

Hearing your shower singing. Sidewalk chalk and bubbles in the sun. New pets. Family reunions. Sleepovers. Watching you wave goodbye to me as the jam-packed car sped up the driveway to drop you off at college. So many memories in what feels like so little time.

When the time comes today, we will all be crying. We won't want to say goodbye. My eyes might look glossy, but just know that I feel your love and I see you hugging each other. I love that, I love when we are all together.

I want you to remember the times we shared, every milestone that I got to be a part of.

I won't be waiting for you at the door anymore and my fur will slowly stop covering your clothes. It will be different, and the house will feel empty. But I will be there in spirit.

No matter how bad of a game you played, how terrible your work day was, how ugly your outfit is, how bad you smell, how much money you have, I could go on; I will always love you just the way you are. You cared for me and I cared for you. We are companions, partners in crime.

To you, I was simply a part of your life, but to me, you were my entire life.

Thank you for letting me grow up with you.

Love always,

Your family dog

Cover Image Credit: Kaitlin Murray

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5 Truths Every Future Teacher 100 Percent Already Knows, So You Don't Have To Remind Them

We are going to school for years, to be in a school for the rest of our working lives.


All of us future teachers typically hear the same sorts of things about what we are going to be doing with the rest of our lives. While none of the following reasons are necessarily untrue, there are silver linings to absolutely all of them that make each and every one of the future teachers sitting in college classrooms right now, even more excited for what lies ahead.

1. We do understand that we won't necessarily make a lot of money.

One of my professors told my class that if you're taking this career path for the money, you're in the wrong place because this should be about your love for teaching, not for an increasing salary. While it is important to know what you're getting into, I completely agree with that professor.

2. We know being an education major is actually difficult.

On a college campus, the most common stereotype floating around about education majors is that their workload is extremely easy as well as their classes. Sure, it's no Stoichiometry (I can't even imagine sitting in a classroom learning about that), but our classes are hard in their own way. Having to relearn the basics of subtracting three-digit numbers to then be able to teach to a second grader is a lot harder than it sounds, thank you common core!

3. It's not really the same thing every year.

As a teacher, you have a curriculum that requires you to teach the same content to your students every year for the duration of your career. However, every year has the potential to be extremely different from the next. Each year you have a new batch of kids, a new batch of personalities and a new batch of stories. This is one of the most exciting parts about teaching, you have the ability to know what to expect but also so much uncertainty at the same time.

4. Yes, we will be with children all day.

"Aren't you going to get bored talking like a kid and having to look down a few feet just to make eye contact?" Yes I have been asked this and frankly, as a future teacher, I wouldn't want it any other way! Working with kids all day and being their support system and voice while also providing them with the things they need to learn as they grow up is my ideal day in the workplace. But yes, there will be adults as well, other teachers, who all will feel the same way when we take a break from those kids at lunch.

5. It takes a special heart to be a teacher.

Yes, this is an argument all around the education field, and while it's true, I believe that anyone could work to have the heart to be a teacher. Being a teacher requires patience, care, love, and the desire to work with kids. If you don't have any of these qualities, then yes maybe it does take a special heart to be a teacher.

With all of the above comments kept in mind, I personally couldn't be more excited to teach kids of any ability and age. Working with children on a daily basis for nine months out of the year can get negative comments, but as a future teacher I think that there is a silver lining to each one of the five comments. If you think about it, there probably is a teacher in your life that without, you might not have gotten to the point you are at today. So thank your past teachers, and here's to the the future teachers.

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