Where do I start?

Coming to Villanova was the biggest accomplishment I think I've achieved. I was so scared of potential roommates, cliques, girls, sororities, boys... Then I met you. I had made a friend on the Facebook group chat and she'd introduced me to you. I never thought we'd go on this crazy ride.

Even through evolved friendships, you've never left my side. You gave me advice when I wouldn't hear anyone else. You kept the walls from closing around me time and time again. When I have a dream, you make sure it comes true. When I feel lazy and unproductive, you motivate me just to get out of bed for a meal. You made my sides split with laughter and my smile wider than it has been lately. You tell me secrets, even if it's just that you think I'm cute. You hype up my outfits, Club Penguin-dance with me at frats, and order copious amounts of delivery with me without judging [or failing to Venmo back ;)].

I don't think you understand the influence you've had on my life in this short year of knowing you. Something tells me we'll continue these adventures through graduation. I'll miss you over breaks, especially over the summer, but I'll WhatsApp you and always spam you with the spiciest memes. But for now, here's a thank you.

Thank you for understanding my Vine references.

Thank you for the Barbie move marathons.

Thank you for laughing at my memes and recreating the Tik Toks I send you.

Thank you for knowing my tendencies more than myself.

Thank you for keeping me from crossing the line, making bad decisions, or loving the wrong boy.

Thank you for wandering all of South late at night just to go outside and watch movies because the lounges are full.

Thank you for booing my ex when I need to hear it.

Thank you for being a bro and a thicc thotty with me as appropriate.

Thank you for accompanying me to KOP and hitting Coldstone with me every time.

Thank you for spilling the hottest tea.

Thank you for showing me the wonders of scrunchies. And waking up early.

Thank you for choosing my IG pics and taking the most horrifying Snap filter selfies with me.

Thank you for getting milkshakes with me even if you're not hungry. And Freshens dates. And showing me the F'real machine.

Thank you for haunting me with your Tik Tok dances and autotuned singing.

Thank you for understanding my frustrations, telling me when I'm wrong, and working to fix the problem.

Thank you for letting me put my heart in your Build-A-Bear.

Thank you for being the angel on my shoulder.

Thank you for being a blessing to be friends with. Kick it in France. I love you and all you do.