Government Gals: A Summer of Adventures

Dear North Beach,

Thank you for being filled with warm, 75 degree days filled with sunshine. You have made our legs tanner than ever. You made us true goddesses of nature.

Thank you for allowing us to sweat more than ever, especially when directing traffic and walking the beach.

Thank you for allowing for sand to literally be everywhere. A turkey on rye sandwich would not be complete with out a dash of sand. And every time we get home, half of the beach is in our shoes.

Thank you for being painted Buckskin Brown. It is the true color of sand, unlike the actual paint color of sand.

Thank you for Sewage Joe. That time he made our park so much prettier by adding sewage and green slime everywhere was terrific.

Thank you for bringing the raccoon infestation to the park. It made us face our fears when doing trash.

Thank you for the "special surprise" in that one trash can. Yes, it is still there because it is not in the job description to clean it.

Thank you for flooding the parking lot on rainy days, then filling up with sand on windy days. One never knows what to expect.

Thank you for providing shade, that is after we find 12 umbrellas on the beach and make a tent out of them.

Thank you for all of the new pairs of shoes we have found. We now can go to school in style. No need for back to school shopping.

Thank you for being a place of silence at night and at 7 in the morning.

Thank you for being a place to think, do word searches, draw, color, and write.

Thank you for being a place to talk, laugh, and grow.

Thank you Jetta lady for complaining every time the park got full. We were always aware of it.

Thank you for allowing us to look forward to working. You made the days go by faster.

Thank you for having ‘no parking zones’ where we can watch our supervisor give people tickets for their inability to read signs.

Thank you for being smoke free-or else we may have died this summer.

Thank you for the many hours we spent hiking the dune and trails. They are nature’s joy and have breath-taking views

Thank you for allowing us to be LL Bean models every time it rained.

Thank you for giving us only 4 other coworkers, so we can have a small amount of people to be irritated, but best friends with.

Thank you for giving us the protection from the local law enforcement. They made our lives much easier and safer.

Thank you for giving us Adam.

Thank you for Ben Wyatt and his very nice butt.

Thank you to the people who move picnic tables. You made us a lot stronger and our toleration of things much lower.

Thank you to the freighters that come by everyday from the harbor. They are just so cool.

Thank you for having plumbing issues all of the time-how else would we have gotten our PhD’s in plumbing?!?

Thank you for being there in all those moments that we did not understand what people were doing. (Like driving in through the exit or doing U-turns in the driveway.)

Thank you for having hope that we can do things, even if we are scared or nervous because at the end of the day, if we screw up there is always tomorrow.

Thank you for giving us a summer to remember, and by not having us fall into the pit at any given time because that would have just been embarrassing.

Lots of hugs,

The Government Gals

(Kennedy and Allison)

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