Thank God For Octobers

Thank God for Octobers. Thank goodness for the brisk autumn air and the leaves falling to the ground. Thank the heavens that the weather is still beautiful, and the sky is still blue all the time.

Thank God for the switch in the seasons, but be grateful that it is still tolerable to go visit the beach or the ocean while the wind blows fiercely through your hair. Thank goodness for the raking and the dead-heading, starting over with the gardens and yard work. Thank the heavens for the leaf piles and jumping into them with your family.

Thank God for the colors. Damn, those fall colors. They could kill you over and over, and it would be alright. It is so aesthetic that you catch yourself staring at them for too long. Your heart actually breaks when they fall and turn to nothing, when the trees stand bare.

Thank God that you want October to last forever.

Thank God for Octobers. The month of corn mazes, fall arts and crafts, petting zoos, apple picking, pumpkin spice, and pumpkin patches. The month of fun for children, but it's still so fun for us grown-ups, too. Thank goodness for the hay rides and sitting next to your significant other while you tour the farm. Thank the heavens for the apple cider and pumpkin pie you two get to share later.

Thank God for being comfortable. October brings us the chilly weather, especially at night. Thank goodness for the bonfires and s'mores making with your friends. Thank the heavens that we get to say it's sweater weather again. It's bringing out the jeans, flannels, leggings, boots, Uggs, and extra large sweaters. Damn, it's my favorite.

Thank God for Octobers. School starts to get more in-depth with the curriculum and assignments, but thank goodness we have the fall season really peaking during this time. School would suck worse if it was cold, bitter, dark, and gray outside. Thank the heavens that we have October to hang on to.

Thank God for Halloween. One of the best holidays of the year. Spooky season is upon us. Thank goodness for the pumpkins that make our houses and front porches look pretty, for the pumpkins that will turn into Jack-O-Lanterns and baked pumpkin seeds for a nice snack. Thank the heavens that we have all month to prepare for and celebrate it, even though it's really 24 hours long. Then, it's Day of the Dead, and that is so fun, too.

Thank God for trick-or-treating and all the fun that goes into it. Thank goodness for the endless candy and smiles, the costumes and all of the "Hocus Pocus." Thank goodness for the parties, the movies, the food and drinks, and the decorations in the stores and homes. I think as we get older, we appreciate and fall in love with Halloween more and more.

Thank God for Octobers. Thank goodness we get one each year. Although it may be a quick month, and although we may have a lot of fun, we are lucky enough to have it come around next year, and the year after, and so on. Forever. Thank the heavens for everything about October. What a unique month.

Thank God for Octobers.

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