When your roommate is amazing, they become one of your closest friends, as well as a confidant. They know things about you that nobody, not even your mother, knows. They are there to help you whenever you need it.They deserve to be thanked for a multitude of reasons, but here is the short list:

1. They are the best secret keepers.

They know all the weird things you do, and they never tell anyone (their mom doesn't count). Your secret is always safe with them, in the perpetual bond of the roommate code. No one else will ever know your quirky habits. When you wore your favorite pair of jeans twice in a row, they didn't tell anyone. When they found you, sitting alone and crying to something trivial (like a video of a puppy), they didn't tell anyone. When you couldn't find your phone, while it was in your hand, they didn't tell anyone. You can be your weird self and know that what happens at your place, stays at your place.

2. They help you learn to adult.

Adulthood can be confusing. It's a time where you have to learn how to be on your own, except for your roommate. When you don't know how to do something, you can always ask your roommate for help. If they don't know, you can try figuring it out together (with a little help from the internet). Together, you can conquer adulthood. When you didn't know whether you should use cold or warm water to wash your white laundry, your roommate was there to help. When you needed help moving your furniture, your roommate was the first volunteer. They split the boring, but necessary, housework and errands with you. You have a built-in-partner who will endure the struggle with you.

3. They deal with your social life.

Your roommate knows that they are not the only person that you interact with. They are also accepting when you bring your outside friends into the home you share with them. When your significant other comes over, they pretend to not notice the PDA. If you need to start a study group, your roommate never kicks them out. Often, your friends become their friends, and vice versa. They give you space to enjoy other people's company, as long as you return the favor every once in a while.

4. They are there when you need to vent.

Your roommate is probably the first person you go to about every little problem you're having. If you had a bad day, they're always there to talk to. If your date went horribly, you can tell them about it (and they will probably make fun of that person with you). You can trash talk all you want, and they don't judge you. They keep open ears to your life problems and are the ultimate listener.

5. They always share their stuff with you.

You can pretty much always count on your roommate to share with you when you're in need. If you need to borrow almost anything, your roommate is who you go to. This isn't only limited to things like hair dryers and the occasional $20 bill. Your roommate can be counted on to share their food from time to time, as well. Depending on your situation, you might even be able to borrow their clothes. Your roommate can be a life saver loaner.

Your amazing roommate does so many wonderful things that they deserved to be thanked for. They are the one person you can always count on to have your back. Don't let their good deeds go unnoticed. Thank your roommate for being there for you.