A Letter To Texas, From Someone Who Wants Real Fall Weather

To my beloved state,

I love you. I truly do. I have lived here for a solid 17 years and I can't picture living anywhere else (but who knows?). I love your Texas culture, with a common love for Whataburger, rodeo, and the big debate between which is better: Dallas or Houston.

But, even after living here for 17 years, you still surprise me every year with the weather, especially with the transition to fall.

On Saturdays, when I am going with friends to football games in the fall, I expect my foundation not to melt all over my face. I expect not to sweat a storm every time I step outside to walk to class. I expect not to almost die of heat exhaustion in September and October.

We got a nice break from the heat this past Saturday. Instead of being beaten down by the sun in McLane Stadium watching my Baylor Bears play some football, it was a nice 65 degrees instead of 90. Now, we are back to this wet 90-degree heat and I just have one question for you Texas.


It's officially fall here in Texas, and for once in my life, I would like to experience a "real" fall that doesn't last two minutes. I want at least two months of 60 degrees or below weather where I am required to wear a sweater when I go outside, not shorts.

I want red, orange, and yellow leaves floating in the air and gracing the grounds. I want to wear flannel, drink apple cider, and carve pumpkins. Of course, I could do it in this crazy bipolar Texas weather, but fall isn't fall without the great chilly weather.

Texas trees don't have that beautiful transition of colors, they just seem to change to brown, die, and fall off and build upon the ground. I need to feel a crisp chill in the air with a PSL in hand. Like now.

Now that it's spooky season, I crave a real fall. So Texas, do us a favor and cool down a bit.


A girl who wants it to be fall already

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