It is that time of the semester. Professors and teachers are assigning their first exams, maybe even all of your professors have a test assigned for you. The information that you learned in only a couple of weeks is going to be tested. We are all stressing. Here are some ways to help you during a test if you can not focus and all of your information seems to be gone.

Practice these 5 test anxiety strategies:

1. The ABC game

This game can help with any kind of anxiety. The goal of this game is to get your mind off of what is going on in your head and to stop you from stressing. You play the game by starting from A and ending at Z (hence why it is called the ABC game. You can pick a topic (color, food, game, song) and list one of those for each letter. This may take a while, so when you feel not as stressed, continue taking your test.

2. Breathing exercises

I know everyone who goes to a counseling session hates this exercise because it seems a little silly, but it is very important to focus on your breathing when you feel yourself getting a little stressed or anxious. Breathing slowly helps to calm you down. Breathe in slowly and out slowly about five times if you feel yourself getting a little out of breath.

3. Distractions around the room

Look around the room and try to name five or so objects that you can see. This is supposed to distract you from stressing out. If five is not enough, feel free to do more than five!

4. Confident Information

This is a test tip that almost all professors or teachers tell you about. Go through and circle the answers that you are 100% of first and then go back and figure out the ones you do not know. This helps you to not stick to a hard question and use up your time.

5. Crossing out obviously wrong answers

Some professors or teachers may put silly answers in the answer choices to help you out. If you can, cross those out. The fewer choices you have in front of you, the easier it will be for you to make your decision.

There are many different games or exercises that you can use to help you when struggling for a test, but these are just a few that work best for me. Remember, you have the information and do not freak out! Good luck on your tests everyone!