If we run and hide, we're letting them win.

If we refuse to take chances anymore, we're letting them win.

If we hold ourselves back from going out and having fun, we're letting them win. We're giving them what they want.

The explosion that has taken the lives of (for now) twenty two people and injured fifty nine in Manchester is, needless to say, horrifying. Many of the concertgoers were young children with their parents and grandparents, just going out to have a good time and watch an Ariana Grande concert. It was a despicable act that came from the lowest form of human beings. It was something that should never, ever happen to innocent people. Nobody deserves a fate like this.

I've personally been to dozens of concerts myself, and it's safe to say that no one ever walks into an arena or stadium thinking that they need to be on the lookout for a terrorist attack. I won't deny that these events have become more common nowadays than they used to be, but still. Nobody expects a terrorist attack at their favorite artist's show. They walk into the stadium thinking they will be having the best night of their lives, that they're finally going to get up close to an artist they admire, cherish, and support.

With all that having been said, I do have to say one more thing. Despite the obvious tragedy of the situation, we cannot let these wretched human beings win. If we barricade ourselves in our homes forever and refuse to go to concerts or sports games or anywhere, we are giving these terrorists exactly what they want. We can't be afraid to take chances. What we need right now is to stand together, lift each other up, and above anything else, pray for these families and friends who have been affected by this attack.

We're not going to give them that satisfaction, because we are going to care for one another and protect one another. We're not going to let them win, because no matter what race you are or nation you're from, we as a people are going to fight back to the finish. We as a people are never going to let these horrible people strip us of our passions, love, and our spirit. There are more good people in the world than bad, and as long as we stick together, we will never let our spirits break.