Nike Shorts Are A Win, But Tennis Skirts Have Got To Go

I've been back at Clemson University for about two weeks now, and I've noticed something different about what other girls are wearing these days. I've seen quite a few girls wearing big T-shirts and - no, not Nike Shorts - tennis skirts.

Call me a snob, but I'm confused by the whole athletic tennis skirt trend. I'm totally here for the Nike Shorts and big T-shirts look, but tennis skirts?

Who decided that those are cute for class? Where did this even come from? And can it stop?

I know there's a whole argument for why Nike shorts should not be included in a college student's daily wardrobe, but wearing tennis skirts to class takes things to a whole other level. Nike shorts have, in a way, become both activewear and loungewear, but tennis skirts? What other purpose should a tennis skirt serve other than to be worn during a tennis match?

Not to mention, pairing a tennis skirt with a T-shirt is not even remotely attractive. Nike shorts and T-shirts are bad enough, but really? How does a person look in the mirror and think, "Wow! I love how this oversized T-shirt looks with my tiny white tennis skirt?" It is beyond me.

There is nothing flattering about wearing a huge shirt with a tennis skirt. It doesn't look normal. In fact, it looks completely wack.

In short, this tennis skirt thing has got to stop. By all means, whip out your cute tennis skirt for practice and work it during your tennis match. But please, PLEASE do not wear it to class with a T-shirt. Save yourself the embarrassment, and save your fellow classmates some confusion.

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