Ten Youtubers You Should Watch
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Ten Youtubers You Should Watch

Here's a list of my current favorite Youtubers on the Internet.

Ten Youtubers You Should Watch

Since I spend a majority of my hours watching Youtube, I thought I'd bring you down with me share ten Youtubers that I think are amazing and deserve your views. In case you may need some context, Youtube is a video sharing website, and through that, there are people who are dubbed "Youtubers." Being a Youtuber entails that you produce content on the same day/time every week, and that can be from gaming videos to beauty videos. This will also include hours upon hours of editing, shooting, collaborating with other people, and producing something that will impact your day. So, please don't use this as a platform to rip apart Youtubers, instead, let's celebrate ten incredible creators! <3

1. Jenna Marbles

Although her real name is Jenna Mourey, she is more commonly known as Jenna Marbles. As of recent, she has over 15 million subscribers. She makes various types of content, and I can almost promise you'll find one Jenna Marbles video that will make you laugh.

2. Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter/The Know/Funhaus

A company started by a group of college friends, Rooster Teeth is the mother company of other Youtube Channels such as The Know, Funhaus, Achievement Hunter, etc. They also created the longest running web series called Red V. Blue, and have come out with RWBY. I could ramble about them for hours, so you should check out their website instead.

3. Gabbie Hanna

More commonly known as The Gabbie Show, Gabbie started out as a Vine star, and once she mastered that platform (as well as every other social media platform) she started doing Youtube videos. She's a fantastic story teller, and all her stories are so unreal that all you can do is laugh alongside her. Shy of a million subscribers on Youtube, Gabbie has 3.8 million followers on Vine.

4. The Game Grumps

Originally started by Arin Hanson (right) and Jon Jafari, Game Grumps is a gaming channel that does a variety of games. Dan Avidan (left) joined the channel when Jon left to pursue his own Youtube channel. Besides doing Game Grumps, Danny and Arin have a band together titled Starbomb, and Dan has his own band with Brian Wecht (aka Ninja Brian) called Ninja Sex Party. Both bands are comedic bands, and if you have a decent amount of knowledge on video games, you'll enjoy their parodies. Game Grumps is super close to almost three million subscribers on Youtube!

5. Sean McLoughlin

Better known as JackSepticEye, Sean/Jack is a well known Let's Player on the gaming side of Youtube. Quickly creeping on eight million subscribers, Sean/Jack plays is best known for his Irish accent and energetic introductions to his videos. He's good friends with other big Youtubers, such as PewDiePie, Markiplier, and CinnamonToastKen.

6. Jessi Smiles

Like The Gabbie Show, Jessi started on Vine (3.6 million Followers), and moved to Youtube (170,000 Subscribers). She does a variety of things from rants to makeup videos. She's been through a lot of things, but I truly admire that she has spoken out about it and has been super honest through it all. If you're curious about what I'm talking about, you should watch her videos :)

7. Julien Solomita

I'll be honest and say I found Julien because of Jenna Marbles (he's her boyfriend) but once I started to see what he was all about, I fell in love with his editing style, his vlogs, his relationship, and Peach (the pup you see yawning). He does mostly vlog style videos, and recently had a viral video because he capture a UFO on film! If you want to see it for yourself, you should go check out his channel!

8. Jack Douglass

More commonly known as JacksFilms, Jack is best known for his Your Grammar Sucks series, where he got grammatically wrong Youtube comments, and made fun of them. Currently, YGS has been on a hiatus as Jack has tried other new series, and styles of sketches. But on November 20th, he's releasing the final YGS: YGS 100. It's supposed to be filled with numerous amounts of Youtubers, and will be his biggest project yet. You should catch up before it comes out!

9. Hot Pepper Gaming

Unlike most Gaming channels, this channel really doesn't actually have any people playing video games. The premise of this channel is having people eat a hot pepper, and then proceed to talk about a game, rate it, and rate the pepper. Ever since I was introduced to them through a friend, I just find their videos so entertaining.

10. Meghan McCarthy

Similar to Jessi and Gabbie, Meghan started on vine, and came over to Youtube. She's known for her extremely high pitch voice, but she actually has a lot of great things to say, and her impressions are on point. She's currently at seven hundred twenty nine thousand subscribers on Youtube, and at three million two hundred thousand followers on Vine.

Wow, if you made it through this whole list - PROPS. Hopefully if you're interested in finding a new Youtuber, or just need a quick laugh, one of these people (if not all), you found something here!

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