10 Best Sites For Sorority Crafting

10 Best Sites For Sorority Crafting

For my fellow struggling crafters

Crafting is overwhelming -- especially for those artistically challenged people, like myself. Don't worry, help is on the way! Here are 10 helpful websites for all of your crafting needs.

1. Etsy.

Etsy is perfect for almost any aspect of crafting. You can get ideas off of this site or buy the products. Etsy typically sells their products for a relatively cheap price. While some products are fully finished, you can also buy stencils and iron-on letters for your on DIY!

2. Pinterest.

Pinterest is more for ideas then purchases. However, you can find the site to purchase the products through Pinterest, even though you can not actually buy the product on Pinterest itself. Pinterest is full of crafting ideas, and the best part is that you can "pin" products to save them in a group for to access at any point.

3. Red Bubble.

Red Bubble is less about ideas and more about purchases. The site sells many products, including t-shirts, mugs, and bags, but it most known for its stickers. Red Bubble sells stickers at a great price, and has a ton of sorority stickers, as well as any other sticker you can think of probably!

4. DIY Greek.

DIY Greek is a hidden gem. On this site you can buy "Supply Sacks" filled with paint, brushes, and other supplies. You can also buy "Project Packs" filled with supplies for specific crafting project. You can even sort the options by sorority and color. If you feel a little lost having to craft, definitely check out this site!

5. College Candy.

This site is full of crafting ideas. Feeling lost on what to make? Check out "The 21 Cutest Crafts For Big/Little Week" by Margaret Abrams.

6. Tumblr.

Tumblr is another site similar to Pinterest and full of craft ideas. Like Pinterest, pictures get "tagged," so when you look up "sorority crafts" everything that has this tag shows up. You cannot purchase the items and they do not typically have directions on how to make them, but there are a ton of ideas that could spark your interest!

7. Amy Believes in Pink.

This site is a blog run by a Kappa Alpha Theta sorority sister. She shows images of what she gave to her little during reveal week, and then also offers links to other sites where you can purchase designs and products. Most of the site is geared towards Kappa Alpha Theta, specifically, but you can turn the ideas into something for your own sorority easily!

8. Her Campus.

Her Campus is not a blog designated towards sororities or crafting, but this article offers 11 fun crafting ideas for any sorority.

9. Sorority Stylista.

This site has a lot to it and is definitely worth exploring. The particular article I've tagged (access it by clicking on "Sorority Stylista" above) teaches readers how to make letters on a shirt. Don't panic! It's for basic crafters.

10. Fave Crafts.

This site offers 10 DIY crafting ideas. For each craft there is a separate page, which takes you step by step on how to make the craft and tells you the materials you need. It's crafting made easy!

Crafting can be very overwhelming. Don't panic; just check out these sites! Hope this helps, and feel free to comment with any suggestions you have for us struggling crafters.

Cover Image Credit: http://www.elementsdesign.com/2014/06/moodboard-monday-etsy-craft-party-2014/

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20 Things I'd Do If The Concept Of Time Was Abolished

If only our lives weren't limited by time.


Recently, news outlets have been reporting on how the people of Sommarøy, a Norwegian island located north of the arctic circle, would like to remove the concept of time. This is largely in part due to the fact that the sun does not set during much of the summer nor does it rise during the winter. The inhabitants of Sommarøy do not have rigidly separated days and nights like the rest of the world and can be found doing normal daytime activities at 2 am in the summers.

They also would like to take clocks out of their society. Although this lifestyle might seem impractical to the rest of us, I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to live in a world where time is irrelevant, in regards to the concept AND the physical effects of its passing. This newfound information gave rise to ideas of things (some simple, some whimsical) I'd do if the concept of time did not exist and we had as much time to do the things we wanted.

1. Live on a ship at sea.

2. Watch a flower grow from a seed to its death.

3. Apply as much makeup as desired without being late.

4. Retake my favorite college courses and participate as fully as I possibly can, including the completion of every single reading and film.

5. Take a non-stop trip through every country in the world.

6. Learn to play and fully master every single musical instrument in existence.

7. Watch a full rotation of Earth around the sun from space.

8. Live by myself in a cabin at the edge of the woods a la Thoreau.

9. Reread every single book that shaped my childhood.

10. Have a brief conversation with every old friend.

11. Re-drink that first sip of the perfect cup of coffee.

12. Observe how the tides change with the lunar cycle.

13. Learn as many languages as possible.

14. Sit at the beach and listen to music for days.

15. Train for an Olympic event.

16. Write a detailed, thorough analysis of every track in my favorite movie soundtracks.

17. Take a photo of every interesting place I visit and every little nook I find peace in and make a physical photo album.

18. Cook food without burning it.

19. Watch a star's life cycle from birth to death.

20. Replay the feeling of coming home.


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