10 Signs You're An English Major

10 Signs You're An English Major

Life as English major is not all fun and games.

Life as an English Major can be rough. Sometimes you get annoyed by all the questions you get asked and because all of your friends need you to proof read their papers. Sometimes, you're proud, but other times it's rough as hell. If you're an English major, you'll definitely be able to relate to some of these signs and know these definitely ring true to your major.

1. You correct EVERYONE'S grammar.

You just can't help it. It's a force of habit when you write a million papers.

2. Everyone assumes that you want to teach.

It's awesome if you want to, but not every English major is meant to be a teacher or a professor.

3. Books. Are Life.

You are literally never seen without a book.

4. You annotate EVERYTHING

5. You love the smell of old books

People might think you're weird for it, but Miss Rory Gilmore has the right idea here with her glaring

6. An ideal date for you is just browsing through the bookstore as your significant other just watches and supports your unnecessary but sometimes necessary spending habit

But when in a bookstore you know you can't help but pick up and gush to whoever's with you about a fantastic book you just read because it was too amazing not to share.

7. Your backpack is always heavier than it should be from all the books you carry around with you and it is definitely is not good for your back

but to you it's worth it because if you finish a book you have another one with you to start!!

8. Typically if you're good at grammar you can't seem to figure out math.

But it's okay because your fellow liberal arts majors are right there with you

9. You get annoyed when someone tells you Romeo and Juliet is all there is to British Literature or Shakespeare's is the only thing in British Literature to study.


10. You write for Odyssey.

because no matter how hard you try you just can't get away from the writing life.

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What I Miss

Good old Britania


It's May 14th, the day I fly home. As I write this, I'm sitting in the Starbucks in Atlanta's airport, terminal F, listening to smooth jazz whilst sipping my grande coconut latte waiting for the announcement that my British Airways flight to Heathrow is ready to board. It's weird to think that I'm leaving- leaving, that I'm not coming back and honestly after this banger of a year I really don't want to go home. I've basically travelled all year and I'm not ready to go back to the 9-5 life and I'm certainly not ready to say goodbye to all the amazing people I met out here and that I love so dearly.

As much as I don't want to leave, I also don't want to stay.

America has been an adventure but after studying it for three years and living here for almost a year and completing another programme a year ago I've came to realise that this country just isn't for me. I don't want to leave because I enjoy this bubble that's been constructed- a hyper reality if you will, it's my life but it isn't my life. It's not sustainable. So, in order to return to reality, I figured I would write about all the things that Great Britain has to offer and all the things I hold so close to my heart and look forward to.

My dog- as much as I love my roommates they don't jump on me and lick my face on a morning and I was starting to feel under-appreciated as a result.


Wetherspoons- boy, oh boy is this something America is missing out on. A meal and a drink for less than six pound, quality food at quality prices and two pitchers for £12, it is a dream come true. I can't wait to get back and have my quinoa salad and a drink for £5.50 (oh and about the carpet image, if you know you know).


Nandos- America just ain't cheeky enough.


TV that's actually funny- sorry guys but canned laughter just doesn't make it funny.

Smithy's Indian takeaway - Gavin and Stacey - BBC www.youtube.com

The ability to walk pretty much everywhere- not having a car here automatically makes you a peasant and I want my social status and mobility back.


Free dairy- free milk in coffee shops- what about the lactose intolerant people?


British banter- Right, I know my jokes are borderline dad jokes at the best of times but at least people in England understand it/ aren't offended.


Healthcare- controversial?


Tax already added onto your purchase- Why do you add it at the till? It's inconvenient for everyone involved.


The big Tescos- Yeah, you guys have Walmart- but you can't buy Tescos own cookie for like £1 can you- very overpriced and it isn't good quality like why are your chicken breasts so big? What are you feeding them? And what's with the red meat?


Holly and Phil- Americans you need to google This Morning highlights.

This Morning Funniest Moments Part 1 - Phil, Holly, Fern and Gino at their very best www.youtube.com

The accent- As much as I love being 'the British one' and having Americans glorify you and see the sheer excitement in their face when they say "are you BritIshHH" I love the accent and I'm excited to hear it more.


Not having huge caps in toilet cubicles- Like everyone can see my business.


Costa Coffee- The staple of every British train station.


The train- whilst were at it.


British drinking culture- Americans don't know how to get down like the Brits do, Campus corner can be lit but I need like seven straight tequila shots and an adios motherfucker before I can fully immerse myself.

Drinking: UK Vs US www.youtube.com

A Sunday Roast- Imagine thanksgiving but not covered in sugar.


The drizzle- there, I said it, I miss my grey skies, I like knowing that it's always going to be cold and a tad miserable but there isn't tornado warnings and there isn't tropical rain from nowhere.


Okay, maybe returning to Queens country ain't that bad after all.

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