Ten Questions Retail Workers are Sick of Hearing

When you work retail you get the same questions over and over again. I’ve been working in retail for so long I’m tired of hearing it. Please, don’t ask these unless you have a good reason to.

1. Do you have any more of the item in the back? No, we don’t and there isn’t a back to speak of it’s just an empty back room. If it’s clearance, we definitely don’t have any more since we are trying to get rid of it. If it’s empty we don’t have it at all. We don’t keep the good stuff in the back.

2.Do you work here? No, I just wear the nametag, vest, and uniform for fun…I do work there, and a smarter question would be do you work in this department. If I have the vest with the logo I obviously work there.

3.Do you carry vegetables? Yes, and it’s a stupid question since we are a grocery store. Please, use your head.

4.Are you open? Yes, we are since our store never closes except one day, and also if we answer the phone we are definitely open since someone answered the phone.

5.Do you carry this item since I saw it online/ another store? No, different stores carry different products. Not everyone will carry the same things since in store and online are two very different things.

6.Well, why can’t you do this since the other store does it? Then go there since different stores operate differently. Some have more relaxed rules then others.

7.Where is the bathroom? There are signs at the front that say it, and I should not have to tell you where it is since it’s called looking.

8.Can I swipe my card now? Yes, you can I don’t need to tell you when to swipe your card since after I tell you the total you can swipe it..

9.Do you think they carry this item at a competitor? I don’t know since I don’t work there, and I'm not going to call a competitor to check for your item.

10.Can you do me a favor? No, I’m not your friend and stop treating me like I am. Just ask me the question already. And no it’s not a quick question…

These are just some of the things I have been getting lately, and I’m sure there are more but a lot of it is common sense stuff. I obviously work there when I’m in my uniform wearing the name tag…

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