The Ten People You Meet In Lexington
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The Ten People You Meet In Lexington

Walking through campus, there are ten people you're guaranteed to meet. Which one are you?

The Ten People You Meet In Lexington
Lexington Herald-Leader

I was inspired to write this article by many things. First and foremost, by Zoe Myers' article for The Odyssey at James Madison University, “10 People You Will Meet At JMU." Second, by my very first experience on State Street as a UK student last Saturday night; not only are you people crazy, but you people are everywhere. And finally, I have to give credit to one of my favorite authors, Mitch Albom, for inspiring the title of my article with his great book The Five People You Meet in Heaven.

All in all, the University of Kentucky is a diverse place, in many different ways. That being said, though, it feels sometimes like patterns repeat themselves. Regardless of our individualities, I believe that (jokingly) every UK student fits into one of ten categories, and so without further ado, these are the ten people you meet in Lexington.

1. The engineering student

More likely than not, you probably know an engineering student, and you know they're an engineering student because all engineering majors love to tell people about what they study. You can find these geniuses all over campus, but your best bets are somewhere in RGAN, standing in line for coffee at Rising Roll, or in the library at 3AM. No matter how stressed out engineering students get, don't ask one if they're okay, because the response will probably be: “Trust me, I'm an engineer." Are you really, though? Nevertheless, while these people are easy to make fun of, they're looking at a better job market than any of the rest of us, so in reality, they really just might be that much smarter.

2. The frat star

From October to March, it's bean boot season, and from April to September, it's boat shoes season with the occasional leather flip flop. Besides being identified by choice of shoes, it's easy to spot a frat star on campus by looking for philanthropy t-shirts, Greek letters, and shorter-than-average shorts. Pre-reqs for being a frat star including unequivocally rejecting the term “frat star," embracing bromance, and unmatched patriotism. You can find one on State Street or walking down Columbia.

3. The sorority girl

The sorority girl and the frat star go hand in hand, both literally and figuratively. The frat star's female counterpart won't be found as formally dressed during the week, though; sorority girls have mastered the art of dressing down to look good, and going to class, you can find one in a pair of leggings and an oversized fraternity sweatshirt. Other than a collection of sweatshirts and tees, requirements for this category are a Starbucks gold card, one fraternity that you “exclusively hang out with" and sisters who always have your back.

4. The volunteer

While volunteers on this campus are made up of members of every other category, a few fanatics stand out above the rest. These people are the DanceBlue coordinators, your chapter's philanthropy chairs, and generally speaking, the world's fundraisers. Outside of recruiting people to join their ranks, the volunteers can be known for their loyalty and at times insanity for their cause. Helping other people and working in service is the volunteer's passion, and that makes them some of the nicest people on campus, but if you disagree with one, be prepared for an onslaught of numbers and statistics about why their cause is important. You won't win that argument. Location: the CCO, tabling outside the Student Center, or going door to door in the community.

5. The academic

UK is home to some seriously smart people. The academics on campus are your scholarship students, the Honors program, and undergraduate researchers. Although at times socially awkward, these students are here on a mission: to learn, and that makes them some of the most driven and creative students on campus. You can find these students on the Dean's List, in the library, in a Chem-Phys research lab, or somewhere the rest of us should try out sometime: actually in class.

6. Just here for the basketball tickets

I have been a UK fan for my entire life, and I know that I share that with almost all of the in-state students who chose to come to Lexington like me. While there were several factors that drew me to UK, the school spirit was among them, and we all know that one classmate who considered that factor only. Most likely to be originally dwelling from a county in Kentucky that you've never heard of before, this is the guy who's at the front of the ERupption Zone every single basketball game in Rupp Arena or Memorial Coliseum. For this guy, coming to UK fulfilled his childhood dream of cheering on the Cats from right here, but also gave him a top-notch education, so that's good too.

7. The scrubs

Despite the fact that I can't figure out if the blue scrubs are cool or not, you can always spot a nursing major by their distinctive uniforms. We're still not entirely sure why they wear scrubs all the time, but you can find one of these students on far, far South campus by the Nursing building, medical complex, or frantically running down Huguelet Drive because they're late to class.

8. The post-grad

One of the great things about the University of Kentucky is the fact that teaching assistants and graduate students sometimes take the role of the cool older sibling that you never had, while others aren't so nice. Regardless of disposition, graduate assistants at UK can be found in one of three places: a research lab, a POT office that's smaller than your coat closet, or in a night class.

9. The politician

At UK, campus elections are taken more seriously than some Kentucky local elections are. The campus politicians are the SGA gurus that you can find (in any weather) standing at pedestrian hot spots to harass innocent passersby with handbills, pamphlets, or promotional items. Things to generally avoid with this crowd are political discussion, discussion about campus, or really, just discussion in general, unless you enjoy being smacked down in a frenzy of well-worded debate. They share an enthusiasm for campus events with the volunteer, but they're better at convincing people of things, so look for a collaboration between those two some time soon on your Facebook news feed. Location: first floor of the Student Center, standing on the sidewalks in the rain.

10. The musician/artist

The campus artist isn't your typical artsy type— while they do enjoy the finer things in life and make better art and music than the rest of us, we often see their art finesse manifest itself on social media. Instagram filters are on point for fine arts students, and their Snapchat stories look like professional documentaries. You can find the campus artist any day of the week at the Singletary Center or in the Fine Arts building, but also look for them at Common Grounds or Coffea, because Starbucks is just too mainstream.

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