Tell The World I'm Coming Home

Remember that feeling you had when you came home in college?

You enjoyed it but you were extremely excited to go back to sleep. I mean, one reason was because you didn't have to follow your mom's rules.

(You really don't follow them for the most part anyway because you consider yourself grown, but you don't tell your mom this)

Another reason was to get away from all of the stress of studying.

(Face it; you probably weren't going to study anyway)

And the last reason was probably for the food. No matter what you can get in the dining hall, and there are a lot of dope things, nothing quite beats the food that your mom makes.

Absolutely nothing.

It's great coming home to visit from college.

So is the feeling the same when you've graduated and moved out completely on your own? Do you still get the same amount of satisfaction when you get to visit home and you haven't been there in almost a year?

Or is it so much better?

Well, I'll tell you. It's SO much better.

I had the pleasure of feeling this last week when I surprised my mom.

I managed to set it up like two months in advance, and if you know me and how bad I usually am at letting things slip, you'll know that this was no easy feat.

Fun fact: I almost let the secret out twice through no fault but my own.

When I finally surprised her, it was everything I thought it would be and more. My siblings were surprised; my mom was surprised. The whole thing was just perfect.

And, you know the even more perfect thing?

I got to do absolutely nothing. I didn't have to do any work or any preparation for anything.

I got to completely escape from everything for a little bit and I was surrounded by my mom and siblings the entire time. I mean, that's pure bliss is what it is.

Try it next time.

The first opportunity that you get to go home and just be in the presence of family, take it. It's nice to be able to step away from your daily life and just enjoy a different side of it.

Try it!

What else do you have to lose? Go ahead. That home cooking is just calling your name.

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