Five TED Talks For The Recent (Or Soon-To-Be) College Grad

Five TED Talks For The Recent (Or Soon-To-Be) College Grad

5 TED talks that will make you think differently about graduating college, and becoming an adult in society.

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If you're a recent grad or, like me, are graduating soon, you may be feeling a little lost/scared/excited/etc. We're at one of the defining moments of our lives. About to jump off a precipice that we cannot return from, but we also have o idea what sits at the bottom of it. So this is peak time for a little inspiration. I've compiled some of the best TED talk videos for recent and soon-to-be college grads that will hopefully make you feel as good as they made me.

"Try Something New for the Next 30 Days" - Matt Cutts

In this video, Matt shows us that we can change ourselves if we can just commit to 30 days. We can take 30 days and try something completely new and foreign, branching out and becoming who we want to be.

"Why You Will Fail to have a Great Career" - Larry Smith

Larry Smith takes us through every excuse we have for not having a great career. He shows us that every excuse and roadblock for why we aren't happy in our career is just that, an excuse, and can be overcome.

"How to Make Work-Life Balance Work" - Nigel Marsh

In this video, we are given the steps to finding a balance between our work life and our home life, and how essential it is that we do this.

"Dare to Disagree" - Margaret Heffernan

This is a great talk on going against the status quo. Margaret teaches us that fear of conflict is a roadblock in our lives. We must not be afraid of conflict, but instead be ready to challenge the norm in order to grow.

"On Being Wrong" - Kathryn Schulz

I saved my favorite for last. This video is on being wrong. Schulz teaches us that the discomfort we feel for being wrong is a learned behavior, and may actually be really bad for us, and for our growth as humans.

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