Throughout high school, my classes were always talking about TED and watching talks, and eventually I became slightly obsessed with it.

You're probably thinking, who the heck is TED and why is his name in all caps? TED might actually be the best thing to ever hit the internet.

TED is actually a nonpartisan nonprofit that is devoted to sharing and spreading ideas to the everyday world, by everyday people.

In order to spread ideas, there are typically short but very powerful, influential talks. The organization began in 1984 as a conference "where Technology, Entertainment, and Design converged" but today TED covers all topics including science, poetry, global issues, and even art.

The nonprofit has talks in over 110 languages, along with an independently run smaller company, TEDx, that holds events to help share ideas with communities around the globe.

Whenever I talk to people about TED, they either know exactly what you're talking about or they literally have no idea. This is a huge disappointing problem. This website and company is such an amazing resource to every person with any kind of interest. It brings new and sometimes controversial ideas to light for everyday people to reflect and talk about. It encourages positive conversation about intelligent ideas that could actually change our world.

The first step of changing anything is talking about it. TED talks about it.

The good, the bad, the things hard to talk about. From depression to underground highways, from controversial photography to beautiful poetry, TED literally has it all. People like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, David Blaine, Rupi Kaur, and Sarah Silverman have all stepped foot on a TED stage somewhere in the world. If these influential people are supporting TED, shouldn't the rest of the world be too?

Attached below are some of my favorite TED talks, feel free to check them out!