Are We Losing Ourselves To The Worlds We Have Created?

Are We Losing Ourselves To The Worlds We Have Created?

Humans have created a whole world that represents natural life, how do we not lose ourselves to this unnatural world?

Charlie Morgan

Let me ask you, when will representations of life fully replace the physical experience of it. Is this possible within our society? In a world overrun with technology and virtual reality, I do think that if our over consumption continues, it could mean our demise.

Look around you, technology is becoming more and more central to human life in our society. As we are becoming more integrated with it, our use of the worlds it creates is expanding. The apps and websites that we all know gives us a way to talk to other people, keep in check of peoples lives constantly, an forge relationships in a completely artificial way. As dating websites attain more and more users, when will meeting online be more common than going out to meet someone? These unnatural and artificial means of interaction will grow as an issue as humans become more accustomed to staring at a screen as opposed to forging conversations with one another.

What other worlds do you occupy? What representations of life are you pouring your existence into? I am not insinuating that the worlds that we have created are inherently evil, but that we must remember to strike balance between the world we exist in and the artificial things we created to make our existence easier. Because crossing that line is a dangerous thing. When I look around and see countless people my age engineering their physical life to create a desired artificial life. An example would be going to a party and seeing people all spending their time trying to get a specific Instagram photo, taking it over and over again, just to make themselves appear a certain way artificially. These types of things terrify me. They're forfeiting their natural existence, just going to the party and hanging out, for a time spent trying to artificially change themselves to appear a desired way in another world. What happens to us when that natural existence gets lost in trying to engineer ourselves in the many representations of life.

We don't want to lose ourselves in our own creation. As i see things about the age of the singularity quickly approaching, I become deeply worried. The singularity will be reached when humans are completely inseparable from their technological devices, when we exist as one and completely forfeit our natural existence. Humanity is holding on to its humane qualities by just a string at this point. As this bond with our own creation and our own worlds increase, the more separate we will see one another. I don't want us to allow ourselves to forget our natural selves, because that is where our humanity lies, nothing artificial can create that.

Think about it. Question it. Talk about it.

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