As a future teacher, I have been thinking over and over again what kind of things I will be getting into. I am so excited to meet so many new people and have many experiences that I have been preparing for over the past few years. It is such a scary thing to go from pretending that we know what we are doing to actually doing it.

I have learned the basic rule of friendship within the classes I was taking: never take them for granted. They are some of the strongest and most likable people you will ever meet.

Teachers need support because they know and share common experiences of times when teaching was the hardest thing to do. Sometimes it takes a village or just one person to change the world. Teachers have the opportunity to grow with each other within the classroom and even outside of the classroom. There are a lot of moments when teachers want to give up but I think the momentum grows when teachers are able to use each other to strengthen their bond with their work.

I think the one thing that really bums a lot of upcoming teachers out is the fact that they don't always feel like they get the support they need. I have always felt like outside sources don't always create the most realistic view of the classroom. Future teachers and current teachers have that mindset in common. They want to help better the world in the smallest and biggest ways possible. They make the future leaders of the world stronger and more prepared for whatever comes at them. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be writing this right now.

I'm so glad that I get to be around such great people every day at my school. They all support one another and it is a really awesome thing to see.