Teachers. The team of people crucial to our educational growth. The people who get up every day to make sure that we are learning each and every day and putting our best foot forward in whatever we choose to pursue. Since kindergarten, I can remember some profound and absolutely amazing teachers who have had such a huge impact on my life, whether they know it or not.

From all departments, such as music, world language, chemistry, biology, etc. I have had the privilege of studying from some of the most hardworking and selfless people I know, and without a doubt I believe that they deserve to be paid more for the amount of work and guidance they put in every day to make sure that each of their students is getting the best education they can get.

These are the teachers who have made me want to come to class every day, who made me realize my passion for singing and the sciences, for speaking multiple languages and for writing to my heart's content.

The teachers who I have personally seen inside of a Staples or a Target, personally spending money to decorate the classroom or provide supplies to their students. The teachers who have made me want to become both a doctor and a teacher myself, inspiring me to hopefully one day be able to work in a teaching hospital so I can fulfill both of my dreams at once.

The teachers who never once stopped believing that each of us has the potential to become who we want to become, who set us on the right path to keep working hard and with passion and strive to become the best version of ourselves.

I owe so much to these teachers and appreciate everything they have done.

They may not even know they are making such a huge impact in our lives, but I want to let them know that they have and they are.

It breaks my heart to see that the teaching profession is such an undervalued one when in reality, it is the exact opposite of that. Shaping the next generation of writers, musicians, physicians, lawyers, engineers, artists, teachers, etc.. is such an important job, and it is our duty as a society to make sure that teachers are earning more for all of their hard work and dedication to improving our educational system on a daily basis.

So what can we do to make sure that our teachers are being better paid? Well, we can start by writing letters to our state and national government and our board of education to raise more awareness of the issue. Changing educational models while still staying in the budget may allow for greater pay for our teachers.

Teachers do more than just teach our students. They are often the same people who help students outside of the classroom, whether it be with athletics, extracurriculars, or even serving as counselors and people that students feel comfortable to talk to if having a conflict. We need to do everything we can to make sure that teachers are getting paid what they truly deserve.