Dear Taylor,

I'm not writing to say that I'm no longer a fan of yours, or that I hate your guts. I'm writing to say that I'm still your fan and I still respect you, regardless of your "bad blood" with Kim and Kanye. Some people are so quick to forget that we all make mistakes and we're all bound to mess up at some point. People have put you under a microscope. They are watching your every move, waiting for you to mess up. Waiting for you to lash out at Kim and Kanye. Waiting to jump onto whatever you do next, and tear you to shreds in the meantime. My big question for these people is so what? We're all human. We all mess up. We all will make mistakes, and, at times, act like the victim. I hate to break it to them all, but that is human nature, and they're out of their minds if they think they're not capable of it.

If anything, this "bad blood" shows that you are human, and not some perfect celebrity who can do no wrong. For years you have held up this image of perfection, making onlookers envious of you and your squad. It's refreshing to see that you do make mistakes, and you do mess up. It makes you more relatable to your fans. You have such a huge fan base, and if someone is truly your fan, they'll stick by you through this. For the past ten years that you have been producing music, you have done so much for people around the world. You visit patients in hospitals, go to fans' weddings, donate to numerous charities, invite fans to meet you backstage for free at your concerts, and so much more. I cannot think of a celebrity who is more selfless. I refuse to forget about all that you have done to make someone smile, brighten a person's day, or to help a person in need. And for those who are so quick to forget all you've done, they were never your fan to begin with.

You have a strong head on your shoulder, and you've got fans and people who love you. No one is perfect, even celebrities. I'm still on your side, and I'm confident that many other fans are, too. You're not alone.

With love,

Your fans