Tweeting your support to someone doesn't make any true difference in the world, sorry Demi. Following Kesha's filing for an early termination of her contract with Sony Music--claiming that she was sexually, verbally, emotionally, and physically abused by producer, Dr. Luke--the court declared there was a lack of sufficient evidence. The aftermath of the verdict has resulted in a slew of celebrities taking to Twitter to show their support for the singer--celebrities except for Taylor Swift. You wouldn't think this is a big deal, but to some, it's a travesty.

People called Taylor out, saying she was only a feminist when it was in her favor. Instead of tweeting her support though, Taylor donated $250,000 towards Kesha's legal expenses. This didn't cut it for Demi Lovato, who angrily tweeted, "Take something to Capitol Hill or actually speak out about something and then I'll be impressed".

But here's the thing, Taylor wasn't trying to impress anyone, she was just trying to support a friend. Sexism in the entertainment industry isn't a new thing, but right now, it's in the limelight. Taylor has spoken out on feminism many times, but her not doing so this time doesn't mean she's a fake. In fact, Taylor didn't even publicly announce that she was making the donation; it was Kesha's mom who took to Twitter to share the news, thanking Swift for being so generous towards her daughter. Taylor wasn't doing it so that people would tell her how amazing she was. She did it because she believes in supporting one another by actually taking action.

Yes, it's great that you're speaking up for something you believe in, but if you're only going to put down other women for not following suit, you're no better than the people who go around victim blaming. If you're going to speak out for feminism, then you should be supporting every other woman who stands by your side, no matter how great or small their actions are. How can we expect men to treat us as equals if we can't even treat each other as equals?

The events that have transpired with Kesha should be used as a inspiration for woman who are dealing with harassment in the work place. She stayed quiet for a long time because she was afraid, but when she finally spoke up, she found support in tons of amazing women and is now starting a new chapter in her life recording music on her own.