Why Tasty, Buzzfeed And Tipsy Bartender Are Changing The Way People Make Recipes

Why Tasty, Buzzfeed And Tipsy Bartender Are Changing The Way People Make Recipes

The recipes are never as easy as they look.

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So lets face it, we have all seen a recipe from Tasty, Buzzfeed and Tipsy Bartender that we have wanted to try and either we did or we dreamed about doing it.

Why is that? Why are we so fascinated by completing recipes that we see in a 30 second video?

I think it has something to do with the fact it was shown so simply. I mean really though, don't those videos make everything look so easy? I personally have spent hours (and I really do mean hours) watching food videos from these outlets and thought, "Hey, I could probably do that." And I have tried because of that.

I think the whole curiosity may have started with the Pinterest phase. By this I mean, there was a point in time where people wanted to mimic everything they saw off of Pinterest from hairstyles to food recipes. Pinterest made everything look easy but lets be honest here, it was never really that easy.

With Facebook being an endless opportunity with sharing, people are sharing videos and pictures of recipes like crazy because it's so easy to do so.

With the popularity of all these recipe outlets, I have attempted to make a few different things.

One of my first experiences was making a recipe for Tipsy Bartender and well, he doesn't always give you exact measurements or when he does, it doesn't seem like he follows it. The drink was way too strong and looked nothing like his did in the video. So that was fail.

The next thing I tried was two different recipes from Buzzfeed. One was a sauce for wings and another was a dessert. Those worked out a lot better. Both recipes were pretty simple and the measurements were easy to follow. They turned out well minus the dessert being a little too sweet. But this definitely ended better than I expected.

I have also recently tried a recipe from Tasty. I made a few modifications to this recipe however. It still turned out well. This was a Oreos tart. But instead I made it into smaller mini tarts using a cupcake tin. But for this recipe I almost had to wing it because the recipe measurements were in grams and even after conversions it wasn't easy figuring it exactly out so, I tried to guess. It ended up being good, just very, very sweet.

I'm sure not everyone had the same experience as I did. I know some have tried recipes and ended up being fails. And some were worse than just a drink being a bit too strong. But because of the popularity of these recipe innovators, people will continue trying to make 'simple' recipes they find online.

No matter where you find your recipe though, good luck trying to make it exactly the way the video or picture shows.

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