5 Phrases I Wish My Dogs Could Understand

5 Phrases I Wish My Dogs Could Understand

Some they don't understand, and others they probably just ignore.


I ramble to my dogs all the time, but how much do they actually understand? Definitely not enough. Here are a few phrases I wish they understood most of all.

1. "Don't eat that"

Please eat your dog food, and leave the poor birds alone.

2. "You're so cute"

I tell them how adorable they are all the time, but I doubt that they understand what they praise is for.

3. "Come"

I should probably take this one back. They definitely understand this one, but on the rare occasion that they manage to run away, the word "come" is meaningless to them.

4. "Bless you"

This is a random one, but I always say "bless you" when they sneeze. Sometimes I wonder what they think I'm trying to tell them.

"I love you"

All pet owners surely relate. Nevertheless, while they may not understand the words you say, they know exactly how you feel.

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Marly McNeal

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11 Signs You're An Australian Shepherd Owner

Because life is better with an Australian Shepherd.

There's no doubt that Australian Shepherds are one of a kind. People know them for their intelligence and agility, but Aussie owners know them for their sweetness and dorkiness. They are an incredibly loyal breed and want nothing more than to please their owners. If you are lucky enough to own an Aussie, never let them go. Here are 11 signs you own one of these amazing dogs:

1. You have a shadow that follows you around wherever you go.

You're attuned to the pitter-patter of paws hitting the floor behind you.

2. Your house is nicely decorated with their fur.

3. And so are your clothes.

4. You don't need a gym membership because trying to keep up with your Aussie is all the exercise you need.

5. You have the world's worst guard dog.

Because of their friendly nature, your Aussie greets guests with tons of kisses and body-wagging. You know they'd do the same with robbers, which is why you always double check the doors at night.

6. You know that all toys have to be checked (unstuffed) for security purposes.

Most toys last about .006 seconds -- if that.

7. You genuinely think that your dog is more attractive than you.

Because it's true...just look at them.

8. You love to show off all of the tricks they know.

Aussies are very intelligent and eager-to-please, making them quick learners!

9. You have the best nap time partner.

They may be full of energy, but sometimes they want nothing more than to snuggle up with their person.

10. Your pup patiently puts up with all of your shenanigans.

11. You know you have the most loving dog in the world.

OK, you may be a little biased, but it's hard not to be when you're the owner of an Aussie.
Cover Image Credit: barkpost.com

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14 Moments In Finals Season, As Told By The Cast Of 'Friends'

Things that every college student can relate to at the end of the semester.


It's that time of year - the one that every college student inevitable dreads. The semester is coming to a close and Thanksgiving break has just ended, allowing for nothing short of stress and uproar from college students across the globe. Deadlines are fast approaching and finals have snuck up silently, allowing for terror to course through every limb.

We're all familiar with the popular 90s television show, "Friends." It deems all too real that the cast always seemed to understand how every college student feels at this time of the year. Here are fourteen "moods" that Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, and Monica, always seemed to understand.

1. "You had all week to do your homework"

ross geller

When you let your guard down and actually allow yourself to relax over break, avoiding any responsibility or school work that you were assigned.

2. When you get ANOTHER Canvas notification

oh my god

The buzz of our phones and ping of our laptops, notifying us of yet another assignment, will never fail to get our blood boiling.

3. When professors are convinced that we're going to fail out

dont know

Every threatening thing a professor says to us in order to scare us into studying isn't anything we haven't already heard before. Will, that change our habits, however? Probably not.

4. Convincing ourselves that we have everything under control


Sometimes, all it takes is a few motivational speeches to yourself to trick your mind into thinking that you have everything under control.

5. When your professors say you should study a minimum of 30 hours for the final

cows opinion

Everyone knows that no one will actually spend the amount of time they should be studying, studying.

6. When your stressed and decide to eat away your sorrows


Studying becomes too much and you turn to food for an outlet, somehow ending up with eight boxes of Canes and other takeout food lying around your dorm.

7. When your roommate has been rambling on for an hour about their chem exam


Everyone has their own problems during finals and the last thing they can do is try to help other people while simultaneously trying to help themselves.

8. When it is 10 degrees outside but you still have to make it to the review session

more clothes

Freezing temperatures may make you want to curl up in bed all day, but you know that you need any last help before taking the final.

9. When you're really not sure how you're going to survive the last two weeks


Going with the flow and assuming that everything will work out is a common mindset for all students. Whatever happens, happens.

10. When someone asks you to study with them

dont want to

As much as you know you need to study and get your work done, you just can't seem to get out of bed and convince yourself to do it.

11. When you "accidentally" stay up until 3 a.m. watching Netflix instead of studying

make decisions

Even though you know you should be doing other things, you do anything else to avoid your responsibilities, procrastinating until the very last minute.

12. When you receive a not-so-great score on an exam you actually studied for


We've all been there - studying and trying your hardest only to see a result that you were not expecting.

13. When you walk into an exam 10 minutes late


No matter how hard you try, you will inevitably lose track of time and somehow end up being late to something that you have been planning for, for so long.

14. Convincing yourself to keep going

give up

Although it seems like the world is coming to an end, it will all be over soon and you know you have to push through. As bad as the all-nighters and ten-page study guides sound now, it will be worth it in the end when you see the GPA that you have been working hard towards all year.

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