I ramble to my dogs all the time, but how much do they actually understand? Definitely not enough. Here are a few phrases I wish they understood most of all.

1. "Don't eat that"

Please eat your dog food, and leave the poor birds alone.

2. "You're so cute"

I tell them how adorable they are all the time, but I doubt that they understand what they praise is for.

3. "Come"

I should probably take this one back. They definitely understand this one, but on the rare occasion that they manage to run away, the word "come" is meaningless to them.

4. "Bless you"

This is a random one, but I always say "bless you" when they sneeze. Sometimes I wonder what they think I'm trying to tell them.

"I love you"

All pet owners surely relate. Nevertheless, while they may not understand the words you say, they know exactly how you feel.