In today's society, people get uncomfortable when they hear the words "pro choice." But why? The abortion argument has been around for so long that it almost disgusts me when people scoff at the topic. Growing up, I was constantly told that I should be against a woman having an abortion. Now, with the election even farther in the rear view, it is a question that many people are asking.

I know that many of you may think I am selfish or uneducated because I have never been there. Some might even be thinking that I am a liberal (insert word that rhymes with "itch"). You're right, I have never been there. But just because I am pro choice and you are pro life doesn't mean I don't love or accept you. I still have a mutual respect for my pro life friends, I just hope that they respect me for this.

I've always found it funny how Republicans, who oppose a big government, are pro life. I get that the party has evolved into one that is built on the foundation of a "more Christian America," but it's funny how that works when they oppose big government. But I am not here to take partisan sides. Democrats have the want of a much bigger government, yet want to give women the choice? After this 2016 election especially, both parties need to get their sh*t together.

Taking away abortions won't do anything but hurt women. The risks of back alley and illegal abortions are extremely high. We don't want to have women dying in the process of making a choice that she thought was better for her or her family.

Defunding Planned Parenthood won't solve the issue that many people have with abortion. As a matter of fact, when a Planned Parenthood closed in an area in Indiana, cases of HIV and other STDs went up. Planned Parenthood is a good organization, and less than three percent of what they do is abortions. As an organization, it is not the problem. It's old fashioned attitudes and conservative ideology that is preventing us from progress.

People love to talk about the "liberal media," but what about the conservative media? Rather than putting the actual, factual definition of pro choice into play, they put the idea that people who are pro choice are pro abortion. We are not. In reality, nobody is truly "pro abortion." Pro choice means that I believe that women have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies. And in today's society, where we have little control, the fact that we have that is satisfying.

In my opinion, if you march for something, it is therefore your right. People have marched for voting rights, equal pay, and shockingly, abortion. Since those women have marched for that right, I believe that it should stay as a right. Overturning a historic argument in the Supreme Court won't make America look like we are progressing. Rather, it will look as though we are going to time zone 1950.

So why am I pro choice? I believe that in order to progress, we need to keep the option open. I believe that for the sake of preserving the right, we need to band together and accept it. There will be people who do not agree with you, and I am sure that some may even have some objection to this article. However, I stand with my decision to be pro choice and hope that some one out there can relate to me on this issue.