Taking the hassle out of your Dental vacation abroad

Taking the hassle out of your Dental vacation abroad

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Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to neglect some of the less pleasant necessities, such as maintaining an effective oral healthcare regime. Let’s face it, we’ve all been guilty of postponing routine appointments due to stretching our resources a bit too thinly!

As domestic dental fees continue to soar throughout the western world, increasing numbers of patients are being forced to explore cheaper alternatives to maintain their family’s annual dental bills at an affordable level.

Many have already discovered, and benefitted from, the huge cost savings that are readily available abroad, especially in destinations such as Thailand and Bali. And, what’s more, it’s possible to combine all the family’s oral healthcare requirements with an exotic foreign vacation – and still spend LESS than you would at your local Orthodontics dentist!

How is This Possible?

Dental tourism has become big business in recent years, and has been a cornerstone of several major Asian economies for around four decades now. Governments in places such as Bali and Thailand recognised a long time ago the huge financial benefits to be gained from attracting valuable overseas custom. As a result, massive investments have been made in both facilities and training, ensuring that their treatments and services are at least equal to, if not better than, current internationally-recognized standards.Plus, the low cost of living coupled with minimal business running costs, means that they can pass these savings onto you, the patient!

How can I Find a Reputable Dentist Abroad?

Thorough research is the key to finding a top-quality dental provider abroad. You can find out just about anything on the internet nowadays, enabling you to check out the credentials of potential clinics and dentists before you book. For example, if you are looking at dental implants, you may want to opt for a dentist who is a member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI).

However, there’s far more to arranging your treatment abroad than just identifying the right clinic and dentist. Other factors to consider include travel arrangements, flight bookings, hotel reservations and medical insurance, not to mention ensuring that you get the best price possible for your treatment!

This can all seem a little overwhelming and time-consuming, putting many people off the idea altogether. This is where enlisting the services of an independent dental tourism booking company can pay dividends.

They can help with all aspects of planning and executing a successful dental vacation abroad, saving you valuable time and effort. You can benefit from a variety of expert services that include:

  • Booking your treatment at a quality-checked facility abroad
  • Negotiating the lowest price possible through one of their partner clinics
  • Arranging additional dental insurance at preferential rates
  • Special deals on hotel accommodation and flight bookings

You can take care of all your arrangements with one simple phone call and, what’s more, these services are usually provided free-of-charge! Now all that remains is to decide where you’d like to enjoy an exotic foreign vacation whilst you undergo your treatment. Two of the most popular destinations for dental tourists are Bali, an island province of Indonesia, and Thailand.

In Conclusion

With dental treatment prices in Bali and Thailand working out, on average, at around 60% cheaper than in your home country, you’d be crazy to ignore such substantial savings.

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