5 Things To Remember When Taking An Online Class

5 Things To Remember When Taking An Online Class

Because who would rather take a class on their laptop then spend time at the beach in summer?

Emily Hendricks

Ah yes, online classes. They're optimal for students trying to get ahead, simply desiring to add more credits, or wanting to repeat a course to achieve a higher grade. The line between summer fun and summer class can often get hazy. These 5 tips will help you manage your workload while also making time for sweet freedom.

Allocate Time to Assignments.

Online classes can be some of the easiest work in the world.... or some of the most difficult. Make sure to allot enough time to complete your assignments so you don’t fall too far behind.

Stay On Top Of Your Work Load.

Missing a few assignments here and there in normal classes is not a huge deal. However, because summer classes often have less assignments, they are worth more points. If you miss one or two out of the entire 6-week course, you could feel extremely lost.

Remember What You’re Paying For.

Of course, summer is a time for freedom and spending time with family and friends. It is easy to want to spend your time and money on material items or beach trips... but try to remember that college. is. expensive. Paying a few hundred dollars for a course as well as a textbook is no joke, and you should definitely take it seriously.

Make Sure To Prioritize Your Education.

Like I previously mentioned, paying for classes is a serious commitment, both time wise and financially. Skipping assignments because you would rather hangout with friends at the mall or go to a movie just isn’t going to cut it in a summer course. You have to work hard and prepare if you wanna not to succeed succeed.

Make Time For Fun In The Midst.

Summer classes can be stressful, frustrating, and tiresome. They can also be informative and entertaining! Yes, you’re taking a course, BUT you’re also in the midst of what could be one of your best summers to date. Make time for your assignments, but don’t fret if you lose a couple points on one assignment. Get together with friends and try to create an even balance of work and fun.

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