I know what I want to major in. In fact, I want to double major. And although I love both my majors dearly, I have other interests too. My bet is that you care about things other than your major.

I love the earth. So, when I saw a class called Global Sustainability, I decided to take it. It is my favorite class this semester. I am the most interested, most excited, and my happiest in that class. I love the work and Iove the atmosphere surrounding it. The class doesn't fill any requirements I need to graduate. I just took it because I wanted to.

Do I want to change my majors? No. Do I want to now do Environmental Law instead of the other 300 ideas I had? Yes. I feel like I'm a more well-rounded student after taking this class and that I can help solve our climate change problem.

I think everyone should take a class they have an interest in but don't want to major in because it can open so many doors. Staying in a bubble means you can only see what's inside of it when you need to be looking around you.

I also took a class called Issues In LGBTQ+ Studies. I've always been an ally and was co-president of my school's GSA senior year. So, I figured the class would be a great fun class. It wasn't all that I expected, but I learned so much more than expected and now I feel more educated on the LGBTQ+ community, which is important for my Political Science major. This class also doesn't satisfy any requirement, but it gave me joy to take it. People should do more things that give them joy.

So, take a chance. The class could be absolutely horrible, or it could change your whole perspective. Don't be a bubble person. Take classes!