The Syrian war has demonstrated an interesting double talk in the recent events at Aleppo. The demonization of the Syrian military is creating a false reality given the nature of the rebels holding out any Eastern Aleppo. The militants in the rebel enclaves of remaining territory are foreign backed fighters and their families sponsored by the oil kingdoms such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, as well as facilitated into Syria by Turkey. They are devout Wahhabists and far right conservative groups, and have strong ties with Al Nusra and Al Qaeda. While the media at times to portray these as "moderate rebels"; we should keep in mind that ISIL ideology is Takfirism, an even more far right conservative branch of Wahhabism. We must also remember that Syrian Kurdish forces with their allies of the Syrian Democratic Forces (A United States backed Kurdish lead rebel group) had initially led the assault on Aleppo having been the region's main blockade of ISIL advancement. And they managed to capture the initial western part of the city, and then organized effort's with the government to recapture the rest of the city. Once Turkey had entered northern Syria with their military a few weeks ago, a common cause forged a cooperative between the government and the Kurds who Turkey has taken actions against as well. Since the Al Nusra and Al Qaeda militants were being funneled through Turkey into Syria, it created common ground for the legitimate rebels being lead via the SDF and Government forces to work together. Just as the Kurdish Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi mobilization army have allied together to defeat ISIL; and who have also done so as a means of mutual defense against Turkish intervention in northern Iraq. As the Syrian war comes to a conclusion and the defeat of Daesh in the region is achieved, we must remember to look forward to the post war order.

If we are being honest and disassociate from personal bias, and if we are being militarily consistent, telling the Syrian president to step down after his recent victory at Aleppo would be like telling Abraham Lincoln to step down after the Battle of Gettysburg. Or asking Stalin to step down after the battle of Stalingrad. One has to respect military accomplishments even in the face of unfortunate loss of life. The Syrian Government militarily demonstrated its competency and ability to legitimize itself as a nation. That used to mean something in the eyes of the international community. Our continued efforts to remove Assad now would be like if Britain and France continued to help the Confederate States of America even after their major defeat at Gettysburg.

In times of uncertainty and high levels of chaos and despair, let us not forget the imperative responsibility we the citizenry have to hear both sides of the story in regard to claims of war crimes and violations. International law and military law has stipulations that are being followed by the international community and all parties responsible for all actions will be held accountable. We must remember to look forward beyond the conflict in an effort to build a post war order that reflects the best of humanity during these great times of its worst aspects.